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The first sports policy was prepared in the year 1989 & its re-evaluation was done after five year & subsequently a new sports policy was introduced in 1994. In this policy though all round development of sports were being included but the policy could not survive due to paucity of funds. It was therefore necessary to bring a concrete sports policy so as to achieve the objectives, in which sports & physical education may be included along with the academic syllabus. It will help identify the hidden talents of rural & tribal areas.

Motive and Objective :-

The main endeavor of the policy is to develop physical endurance & at the same time, keeping in mind the utilisation of young energetic generation, in nation building, friendship, social harmony & above all use of young turk's energy in right direction. Secondly, to lift the standard of M.P. in National in Inter national level competitions. The main aim of the sports policy is to ensure mass participation in sports, so as to lift the standard of M.P 'S position in National map & therefore requires a very meticulous planning. The implementation process will be well programmed, to ensure talented players of our state to perform to their full potential.

salient features of the policy :-

  1. The development of infrastructure.

  2. To identify young talents & their training.

  3. Co-ordination with State level Associations & Institutions.

  4. Promotion of identified disciplines .

  5. Co-ordination between Education & Sports.

  6. Motivation & prizes to players.

  7. Development & training to technical staff, umpires & coaches.

  8. Raising funds for sports.

  9. Development of adventure sports & water sports.


1.1 One play ground will be developed in each village of the panchayat in the next five years, wherein rural sports i.e. Volley ball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho & Wrestling could be played.

1.2 Development of sports complex in those districts, wherein sports complex are not developed.

1.3 Generation of Resources wherein national sources in abundance.

1.4 Every university of the state should develop infrastructure for at least three identified disciplines.

University should identify those disciplines, keeping in view the identified disciplines of the district, also available infrastructure & availability of players.

1.5 Development of play ground in a phased manner in the next five years in each village where the population is 5000. Sports infrastructure will be developed with the development of atleast, 3 play fields in each district, wherein 30,000 grant will be provided for each ground. One in two sports instructor will be deputed & a honorarium of 600/- P.M. will be made available by the State Government.

A. In all the 381 villages where the population is more then 5000, the school education department will appoint a PTI / Games teacher on adhoc basis.

B. In those school where games Teacher / PTI or not available, a PTI will be appointed on honararium basis by guardian teacher association or through some other resources. The task will be achieved in co- ordination with Minister School Education Department.

1.6 Land for a play ground will be spared while under taking construction of new colonies.

1.7 Affiliation should be granted for new schools by the Education Department, where play grounds are available as per set standards.


2.1 Trained PTI or Yoga instructor will be deputed in schools after imparting training to existing staff. This will be done after preparing an integrated project by Education & Tribal welfare department. The trained teachers will be paid a honorarium of Rs. 100.00 per month. The budget provision will be made by the concerning department.

2.2 The State talent search will be organised for selected young talents of the State wherein physical ability, age & their potential will be measured in identified disciplines. The probables will be any budding young talents. State integrated sports will be organised with the help of all Departments & State level sports associations.


3.1 Affiliation & grants will be provided to only those Associations having the following norms.

  • Should have district level units & organising competitions regularly.
  • Should be approved / Affiliated by the national federation recognized by Government of India.

  • Should be registered under the Firms & Societies Act.

3.2 At the district level Collector/S.P. or one nominated representative by them & at State level sports association. Director or one nominated member equivalent to the rank of first class officers should be included.

3.3 To bring transparency in selection, one popular outstanding sports man will be nominated as observer by Director Sports ( Does not have voting rights ) any state level sports associations who does not approve this set standards will not be entitled to get govt. grants / co-operation.


4.1 The main thrust will be centralised on identified disciplines taking in to acount performance at national levels, earned medals & also the availability of existing infrastructure for disciplines i.e. Kabaddi, Kho- Kho, Wresting, Volley ball, Swimming, Canoeing, Kyaking, Paddle boats, Judo, Hockey, Basket Ball, Shooting & Horse riding are being included. Department of Sports & Youth Welfare will monitor the activities once in five years. Regional specialisation in these disciplines will be taken in to consideration before promoting these games.

4.2 Identification of disciplines will be done purely on the basis of achievements & the number of medals earned in National, Asian & Olympic games. While selecting disciplines infrastructure, human resources & regional & national causes will be kept in mind, for example Swimming on the banks of Kshipra, Narmada ( there are 200 medals in national games while Canoeing & Kyaking have 125 medals ) etc.

4.3 Inter-village Panchayat competition will be organised in Kabaddi, Tug of War, Fast race, Hight Jump, Wresting, Volley ball, Archery at Tribal areas. Budgetary provision will be made available to organise these competitions by Sports & Youth Welfare Department .

4.4 One coach on adhoc basis will be deputed in all the districts of the State after identifying the disciplines.


5.1 Those players who could not appear in their final examination while representing important National / Inter-National competitions, special examination will be conducted for these players.

5.2 40 Minute sports period will be made compulsory in middle & higher secondary school & also in, Tribal development department schools. One physical instructor will be deputed.

5.3 Departmental rules will be modified by amending certain rules in order to provide 5 to 10% marks to those contractual teachers applying for teachers post in School Education & Tribal Welfare Department.


6.1 Individual or in team events, players earning medals, the department will provide prizes & cash awards will be given after prior approval from the Ministerial committee.

6.2 Entrance to Professional course :

Players seeking admission in professional institutions i.e. medical, engineering etc, and represented in approved National Junior / Senior levels as a state player for the last three years & earned Gold, Silver or Bronze medal may be given an additional 10, 6 & 4 % marks. This benefit will be given only once. Their certificates & achievements are being duly countersigned by Director Sports & Youth Welfare Department.

6.3 Gold medal holders in Olympic, World Cap, World Championship, Asian Championship & National Sports will be given appointment in Govt. service based on their qualification after declaration by General Administration Department as an outstanding sports man, Vikram awardee will be declared outstanding sports man by GAD & will be recruited in Govt. service .

6.4 Outstanding players / their guardians will be posted only in those places where all facilities ( Inter-national standards ) are available .

6.5 Players getting honararium & represented the country in International events & are bestowed with Vikram, Vishwamitra or Arjun awards will be invited to attend National festivals & other important sports functions of the department.

6.6 National / Inter National players represented the State will be provided treatment equivalent to Govt. officers.

6.7 Players represented the country & earned one medal in recognised competitions & are above the age of 55 five years will be given honararium of worth Rs. 5,000/- P. M.


7.1 Sports Department would be able to attach players & coaches who are being recruited on sports quota or those officers / employees who can provide better services for the development of sports, for a maximum period of 3 months in a calender year. Their salary would be drawn by the parent department. The concerning department will be bound to provide the services of the concerning officers immediately as & when required by the Department of Sports.

7.2 Independent office will be established at district head quarter for Sports & Youth Welfare Officers, with basic amenities and equipments.


8.1 Sports authority of Madhya Pradesh will be formed by converting the existing Sports Council. The same setup will be established in districts also. In order to generate funds, Departmental stadium & Sports Complexes will be established, in order to conduct sports activities on commercial basis. i.e. construction of shops, display of hoardings, place to setup offices. The sports complex / stadia will be provided to the community for organising beneficial functions / programmes to generate funds.


1) Hon. Minister, Sports & Youth Welfare, M.P.


2) Hon. Vice Chairman, Nominated by State Govt.

Vice Chairman

3) Principal Secretary/Secretary - Sports & Youth Welfare

Vice Chairman

4) Director, Sports & Youth Welfare, M.P.

Officiating Director
(Chief Officiating Officer)

5) 5 Inter-National level Players 1 women player will be included


6) One representative from M.P. Olympic Association


7) One member of Lok Sabha from M.P.


8) One member of Vidhan Sabha of M.P. from Rural / Tribal area


9) Two officials from recognised Sports Association of M.P.


10) Donors

Honorary member

11) 10 Non Government members, Sports specialist interested in sports


Officiating Member :-

- Principal Secretary/Secretary - Finance Dept. Govt. of M.P.

Officiating Member

- Principal Secretary/Secretary - School education Dept. Govt. of M.P.

Officiating Member

- Principal Secretary/Secretary - Higher education Dept. Govt. of M.P

Officiating Member

- Principal Secretry/Secretary - Panchayat & Rural Development Dept. Govt. of M.P

Officiating Member

- Principal Secretary/Secretary - Development Commissioner Urban Administrative Dept. Govt. of M.P

Officiating Member

Note :- In the absence of Principal Secretary/Secretary one nominated member by them, not less than the rank of Deputy Secretary

The Sports Authority will be formed in each district The format will be :-



1) President


2) Vice Chairman


3) One Hon. member of parliment from district


4) One Hon. MLA from district


5) Two Players of State / National level from district


6) One official of Olympic Association from district


7) Five representative interested in sports or an expert in sports arena.


Officiating Member :-


1) Mayor, Muncipal Corp. / Chairman, Muncipal Council


2) Collector


3) Supdt. of Police

Main Official

4) Dy. Director, School education, Tribal Welfare


5) Dy. Director, Panchayat & Rural Development


6) Commissioner / CMO, Muncipal Corp. / Muncipal Council


7) Honorary donor ( Special Invitee )


8) District Sports & Youth Welfare Officer


Note :-

1) Nomination of President & Vice Chairman will be done by the State Govt. after prior approval of Hon. Minister, Sports & Youth Welfare.

2) Sr. no. 3 to 7 imprinted members nomination will be done by the State Govt. after prior approval of Hon. Minister In-charge of the district.

8.2 Sports promotion funds will be setup for sports programmes, the up liftment of sports standards & to ensure mass public representation in sports activities. The State Govt. will provide additional grnat of Rs. -2.00 Crore in four installments of Rs. 50.00 Lakh per year. The funds collected at the district level, 70% will be utilised in district & he rest 30% amount will be transferred to state unit.


9.1 The upper lake & lower lake of Bhopal will be developed as main water sports centre, in which regular activities of Conoeing-Kyaking, Rowing, Wind Surfing, Water Skiing, Sailing i.e. will be conducted. In addition to this, efforts will be made to start water sports activities

in districts of Jabalpur, Gwalior, where lakes / natural rivers are in abundance.

9.2 At the district level adventure activities like Trekking, Rock Climbing, Para sailing will be developed.

9.3 Adventure Zone will be setup in the state to promote adventure sports.

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