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Identity cards to be issued to Corona volunteers: CM Shri Chouhan

Disaster management committees to decide at district level about two-day lockdown
Chief Minister Shri Chouhan interacted with representatives of districts and institutions under Swasthya Agraha

भोपाल : मंगलवार, अप्रैल 6, 2021, 21:01 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that identity cards will be issued to the Corona volunteers by the district administration. Those who become corona volunteers with self-motivation have an important role in preventing corona infection. They will be helped by this credential in the Roko Toko campaign and other activities. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the lockdown will be enforced for a limited period only. If there is a need to have a Saturday lockdown along with Sunday at the district level, then the Disaster Management Committee can take a decision at the district level in this regard. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that arrangements should be made for the health check of the people coming to rural areas from outside the state and to keep them in isolation if required. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was discussing with citizens and social workers of various districts through video conference in “Swasthta Agraha” programme. Khajuraho MP Shri V.D. Sharma and Gayatri family members also gave their suggestions. Many important and useful suggestions for the prevention of corona infection were received in this dialogue.

Sushri Roli Shivhare of the Avaaz Sanstha of Bhopal said that the Roko-Toko campaign was carried out in collaboration with the district administration on the roads and squares with volunteers dressing as Yamraj and Chitragupta to urge people to wear masks. She suggested that as the people of the locality and colonies come forward and cooperate with each other in religious events, the families of the colony and the neighbourhood should also support the families affected by the Corona. Sushri Roli Shivhare stated the need to launch a special campaign to overcome the fear of Corona.

Shri Satish Gangarade, president of New Market Vyapari Sangh, informed about the distribution of food grains, free masks and sanitizers to the underprivileged communities during the Corona period and the dustbin arrangement made for cleanliness in the New Market.

Vidisha's entrepreneur Shri Mittal said that masks should be provided to students in government schools from school development fund. Vidisha social worker Shri Shravan Vyas said that congestion in banks is increasing. Therefore, instructions should be given for necessary arrangements for infection control. Suggestion was also made about the possibility of spread of virus from people returning to the villages from Kumbh and about necessary measures to control it.

Vice Chancellor of Swami Vivekananda University, Sagar, Dr. Arvind Tiwari said that the home isolation system can be further strengthened by providing oxygen system and medical kit at homes as per doctor's advice for the people affected by Corona. Shri Tiwari said that easy availability of medical kit should be ensured at the medical shops as per the doctor's guideline. Representing the Sagar Truck Association and Sikh community, Shri Prabinder Singh Duggal said that people do not come forward to help the people affected by the corona due to fear of corona infection. Therefore, by eliminating the misconceptions in this regard and by adopting precautions, the victim can be helped; information in this regard should be widely given.

Senior doctor of Chhatarpur, Dr. Subhash Choubey informed that all the doctors of Chhatarpur have unanimously decided that no doctor will close his clinic during Covid period. Shri Pradeep Singh of Chhatarpur also presented his suggestions.

Dr. Shri Atul Setha of Hoshangabad stated the need to give Rapid Antigen test to private laboratories and to develop basic protocols on medicines and precautions in the context of early symptoms of Corona and make them available to the affected people. Shri Anil Aggarwal of Hoshangabad said that small audio-video films on the corona awareness should be made and widely shown.

Representatives of various employee-officer organisations met Chief Minister Shri Chouhan at the Swathya Agraha site in the premises of Minto Hall, Bhopal and said that all the activities necessary to create public awareness to prevent corona infection will be carried out by their members.

Sandeep Kapoor
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