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CM Shri Chouhan’s innovative financial governance has increased Madhya Pradesh’s ranking

It will be easier to assemble additional financial resources of Rs 18,134 crores
Benefits of improving areas of development

भोपाल : बुधवार, जनवरी 20, 2021, 20:50 IST

With Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s acumen, innovative financial governance and discipline, Madhya Pradesh is way ahead of other states after facing economic challenges due to Covid-19. By bringing necessary reforms in four important areas of development - food, industry, urban administration and energy at a rapid pace, now Madhya Pradesh has got the facility to take additional financial resources of Rs 18 thousand 134 crore.

It may be noted that the central government has allowed additional market loans equal to two percent of its GSDP to all states, out of which one percent has been permitted unconditionally. States have to make changes in four areas to get the remaining one percent market loan. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country, to have achieved the convenience of taking one percent additional financial resources by undertaking reforms in four important areas of development.

The Chief Minister made continuous efforts during the Corona period by following good governance and financial discipline and made reforms to make Madhya Pradesh self-reliant in the food, industry, urban administration and energy sectors. Madhya Pradesh is the first state in the country that has made reforms in these four areas as per the expectations of the central government. As a result, Madhya Pradesh can now take advantage of the eligibility to raise additional financial resources to complete development plans at a fast pace.

It may be noted that the Government of India has made a provision of providing additional assistance of Rs 2000 crores to all the states for capital based works. These states will benefit from those who have implemented reforms in these four important areas. Now Madhya Pradesh can easily take advantage of this provision.

In the food sector, under the One Nation-One Ration Card Scheme, an important initiative has been taken to automate all the fair price shops and to create a database of 95 percent shops and link it with Aadhar card. Lakhs of beneficiaries who were earlier deprived of it have now been able to avail its benefits. This reform of the state has been widely appreciated throughout the country.

The 213 recommendations made to simplify the formalities and procedures of doing business in order to promote trade in the state were implemented by the Department of Industries. Along with this, there was tremendous improvement in the system of renewal and the introduction of a centralized inspection system.

A unique initiative has been taken in the Urban Administration by fixing tax on floor rate. Complete arrangements related to water supply, drainage and sewage have been improved in cities where the AMRUT project has been implemented. Their rates have been fixed. Power subsidy is reaching the bank accounts of consumers while making extensive reforms in the energy sector. To reduce transmission losses, the average cost difference of power supply has been reduced. Due to these reforms, Madhya Pradesh has helped in improving its economy.

Santosh Mishra
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