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Art lovers from all over the world to take virtual tour of Bharat Bhavan

Culture Minister Sushri Thakur dedicates Kala Panchang and Bharat Bhavan virtual tour 

भोपाल : गुरूवार, नवम्बर 26, 2020, 21:57 IST

Art lovers will now be able to take a virtual tour of Bharat Bhavan, which holds a significant place in art activities in the country, from anywhere in the world. Minister of Culture, Tourism and Spirituality, Sushri Usha Thakur dedicated the Kala Panchang and Bharat Bhavan Virtual Tour today after launching the beautiful Jalrang Art Exhibition based on historical and mythological sites of Madhya Pradesh at Bharat Bhawan. Principal Secretary Public Relations, Culture and Tourism Shri Shiv Shekhar Shukla, Director Culture Shri Aditi Kumar Tripathi were also present.

Minister Sushri Thakur said that the Culture Department can fill people with enthusiasm by challenging the problems of Covid-19 with its activities. Lauding Principal Secretary Shri Shukla for this innovative beginning and Shri Hitesh Ahuja for creating the Virtual Tour, she said that this is a unique beginning amidst the challenges of Covid-19, wherein the audience can freely tour the entire Bharat Bhavan according to their will and can spend as much time as they want watching each piece of art. Minister Sushri Thakur said that activities from September to March have been given in the Kala Panchang, which will provide guidance and information to artists from abroad.

Art lovers will be able to enjoy programmes of last 38 years

Trustee Secretary Bharat Bhavan Shri Shukla said that Madhya Pradesh has carved a niche in the field of tourism in the last few years. Due to changed circumstances following Covid-19, instead of crowded places, people want to visit quiet, natural and historic places, which are abundant in Madhya Pradesh. Now, tourists from India and abroad will also be apprised with the diverse culture of Madhya Pradesh by connecting culture with tourism. He said that in order to let art lovers have a taste of art in Corona period also, the Culture Department is preparing to present programmes of Bharat Bhavan right from its establishment in 1982 till now by digitizing them and presenting it virtually. The work from the year 1982 to 1997 has been completed. The audio / video of the last 38 years of Bharat Bhavan will soon be available to art lovers in digital form.

Sushri Sangeeta Goswami and her group performed a musical performance of Vani Vandana in the programme. The programme was conducted by Chief Administrative Officer, Shri Prem Shankar Shukla and Director, Shri Aditi Kumar Tripathi proposed the vote of thanks.

Sunita Dube
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