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Main strategies of Atma Nirbhar roadmap


भोपाल : गुरूवार, नवम्बर 12, 2020, 20:58 IST

1. Physical infrastructure

  • Establishment of Road Asset Managment System

  • Renovation of 24 main roads

  • Scientific Traffic Survey of 200 State Roads.

  • Promotion of tourism through Buffer mein Safar campaign.

  • Skill development of service providers residing around tourist destinations.

  • Promotion of domestic tourism.

  • Ensuring inclusive urban development.

  • To ensure environment freindly sustainable development.

  • Improvement of urban governance through legal and fiscal reforms.

  • Improvement in delivery of urban services.

  • 100 percent domestic working tap connection.

  • Process of construction of 60 irrigation projects.

  • Construction of Green Energy Corridor.

  • Preference to local manufactured materials in purchase of materials and equipments.

  • Implementation of rooftop solar power projects.

  • Establishment of Multi Model Logistic Park.

  • Setting up air-cargo hub for perishable goods at Indore Airport.

2. Good Governance

  • Single portal for service delivery.

  • Strengthening of basic infrastructure for connectivity and developement of IT skills.

  • Centre of Excellence to promote use of emerging technology.

  • Accountable and responsible administration with transparency.

  • Ease of Living for citizens.

3. Health & Education

  • Conversion of 10 thousand SHCs and 1200 PHCs into health wellness centers for wide primary healthcare.

  • Establishment of 1600 ultra-modern maternity centers and establishment of special newborn units at each CHC.

  • To ensure 100% coverage of pregnant women through RCH portal.

  • 100% vaccination of 55 lakh children under 5 years of age.

  • Providing functional ICU wards, HDU wards, isolation wards, diagnostic facilities and specialist doctors in each district hospital.

  • Use of tele-medicine and other ICT equipment at 1200 primary health centers and 10,000 sub-health centers.

  • Provision of imaging facilities in district hospitals.

  • Strengthening network of public and private health laboratories.

  • Establishment of state-level research organization.

  • Opening of 150 new open distance learning centers to increase access to higher education institutions.

  • To convert 150 identified colleges into Quality Learning Centers.

  • Establishment of 10 thousand resource-rich schools.

  • To develop science technology, engineering, arts and mathematics based education system.

  • Partnership with reputed national and international universities for knowledge exchange.

  • Establishment of Hub and Spoke model in engineering as well as carrer and placement cells in ITIs of disrict level ITIs.

  • Establishment of Placement and Entrepreneurship Cell in 200 colleges.

  • Connecting popular trades of ITI with demand of industry.

  • Partnership with industries for Global Skill Park and 10 Mega ITIs.

4. Economy and Employment

  • Formation of Task Force in connection to the formation of Agriculture Guarantee Trust.

  • Setting up seed testing laboratories at divisional headquarters.

  • Amendment in Mandi Rules and Act and effective implementation.

  • Establishment of food processing units close to the cultivated area under Ek Jila Ek Utpad.

  • Market linkage and cold storage facilities.

  • Increase in artificial insemination from 32 percent to 50 percent and encouragement to private participation.

  • Attracting youth towrads the animal husbandry sector through the Knowledge Portal and Youth Dialogue.

  • Gelding of unproductive bulls in mission mode.

  • Connecting farmers with beekeeping and setting up honey processing units.

  • To develop a world class corridor for MSMEs in areas close to Chambal Progressway and Narmada Expressway.

  • Settin up 3 new inland container depots to play a leading role in the export sector.

  • To make labour laws favorable for investors in line with national goals.

  • Establishment of Private Sector-run Placement Facilitation Centers at 15 district headquarters.

  • GI tagging of forest produce as products of Madhya Pradesh.

  • Partnership with business organizations to promote R&D culture in product development.

Santosh Mishra
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