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National Education Policy an opportunity to prepare according to nature and tendency of student

Efforts made to meet long term issues as well as future needs in policy
Governor addresses webinar on National Education Policy Opportunities and Challenges

भोपाल : सोमवार, नवम्बर 9, 2020, 17:36 IST

Governor Smt. Anandi Ben Patel has said that the National Education Policy is an opportunity to prepare according to the nature and tendency of the student. Teachers will have to accept the challenge of making students self-sufficient during teaching by incorporating the qualities of enthusiasm, discipline and experience in them. The Governor said this while addressing a webinar organized by I.E.S. University. The main speaker at the webinar organized on the theme “National Education Policy :Opportunities and Challenges was Chairman, National Board of Accreditation Prof. K.K. Agarwal.

Governor Smt. Patel said that the National Education Policy is a major step towards realizing the dreams of a bright future of the country. The policy is an attempt to work with out-of-the-box thinking for major changes in the education system to achieve innovative and far-reaching objectives, which also have a strong will power to preserve culture, life values ​​and stay connected to the roots. Special emphasis has been laid on excellence and quality of education system. There is need for extensive discussion on its concept, provisions and expected results for its implementation. Efforts have been made in the policy to meet the requirements of the future as well as overcome long-term issues. The policy has multi dimensional initiatives like full autonomy, Independent National Research Fund to give financial assistance to grant proposals with competitive and contemporary review to 200 top institutes of the country, granting permission to foreign universities for setting up a permanent centre in India and allowing Ucchha Shiksha Nigam to raise long-term loans from the market.

Smt. Patel said that the expectations, requirements of the students and accessibility of modern technology to poor, deprived, backward classes and tribal areas of the country and the situation of information and knowledge in the implementation of education policy will have to be understood. The need of the hour is that the universities should become transformation centres of knowledge from information centres. Teachers should become transformers of knowledge. Dignity of labour, patriotism, social service, moral-family values, environmental conservation, hygiene and health culture must be instilled in students. She said that only when the students study according to scientific methods, fast changing needs and time will they be able to play a constructive role in nation building. She said that only 5 percent of our workforce is proficient in vocational education. To raise this percentage to 50 percent, new meaning will have to be given to vocational and technical education in the next 5 years. The ‘folk-education’ developed in the Indian tradition has to be linked to vocational education through higher educational institutions. Public education should be made a part of mainstream education. It should get equal respect, so that along with skill enhancement in children and youth, a sense of respect for the dignity of labour is created. The atmosphere of educational institutions should be such that students get what they want. Students should go out of the centre of education equppied with knowledge of the world, our culture, traditions, life values ​​of life and culture.

The Governor said that such a system would have to be enhanced in the higher education system in which promising people are selected, their livelihood, dignity and autonomy is ensured. The teaching curriculum should be such that develops exploration, solution, rationality and creativity in the students. Proficiency and new thinking must be created in the students as per requirement. She said that in the post-Covid world, we should make efforts to move beyond the existing conventions instead of simply following them. We have to commit ourselves to make the best of our skills and our abilities, to make India a world guru. She told all the participants to reflect on how to make the fundamental changes of the policy useful. She told to take a lesson from the problems and difficulties they faced and pave the way to the future. She told to set time-bound goals with a visionary approach. She said that youth can study according to their interests and tendency and get courses and degrees according to their ability without pressure. Teachers will have to be prepared for this. The new curriculum of teacher training needs to be developed with open thinking and good intentions. The work of improving access, equity and quality of education should be done on a large scale through e-learning to assist teachers. Private universities will have to take initiative in expanding the use of technology in the education sector.

Keynote speaker Prof. K.K. Agarwal said that there is an initiative of education from initial to the top level in the National Education Policy. Its successful implementaiton requires committed efforts coupled with great thinking. He said that one has to get out of the single structure education, only then can the society be given solutions to fundamental problems. Efforts with multidimensional thinking is essential. An arrangement has to be made so that there in-depth knowledge of one subject along with other subjects. Children’s knowledge has to be exposed while accomodating knowledge and skills. Prof. Chancellor I.E.S. university Dr. Sunita Singh proposed the vote of thanks.

Ajay Verma
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