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333 male and 22 female candidates among 355 candidates


भोपाल : मंगलवार, अक्टूबर 27, 2020, 19:45 IST

In the Assembly by-election 2020, the candidates include 22 women and 333 male candidates out of total 355 candidates in 28 assembly constituencies of 19 districts of the state.

Out of total of 15 candidates in Jaoura assembly constituency in Morena district, 14 are male and 1 is a female candidate, in Sumavali assembly constituency, 8 are male and 1 female candidate out of total 9 candidates, 13 candidates in Dimni assembly constituency comprises 11 male and 2 female candidates,  all 15 candidates in Morena assembly candidates are male, same way all 15 candidates in Ambah assembly constituency are male, all 38 candidates in Mehgaon assembly constituency in Bhind district are male candidates, all 15 candidates in Gohad assembly constituency are male, out of total 9 candidates in Gwalior assembly constituency, 8 are male and 1 is female, in Gwalior East assembly constituency 10 are male and 2 female out of total 12 candidates and in Dabra assembly constituency, 12 are male and 2 female out of 14 candidates.

There are total 13 candidates comprising 12 male and 1 female candidate in Bhander assembly constituency of Datia district, 13 candidates in Karera assembly constituency in Shivpuri district include 12 male and 1 female candidate, all 13 candidates in Pohri assembly constituency are male candidates, all 12 candidates in Bamori assembly constituency of Guna district are male, 9 candidates in Ashoknagar Ashok Nagar assembly constituency of Ashok Nagar district include 7 male and 2 female candidates and 13 candidates in Mungawali constituency include 12 male and 1 female candidate. Out of total of 15 candidates in Surkhi assembly constituency of Sagar district 14 are male and 1 is female, 19 candidates in Malhara assembly constituency of Chhatarpur district include 17 male and 2 female candidates.

In Anuppur assembly constituency of Anuppur district, total 12 candidates comprise 9 male and 3 female candidates, Sanchi assembly constituency of Raisen district has total 15 candidates comprising 14 male and 1 female candidate, Biaora assembly constituency of Rajgarh district has total 8 candidates all of whom are male candidates, all 8 candidates of Agar assembly constituency in Agar-Malwa district  are male, all 11 candidates in Hatlpipalya assembly constituency of Dewas district are male, all 8 candidates of Mandhata assembly constituency in Khandwa district are male, total 6 candidates of Nepanagar constituency of Burhanpur include 5 male and 1 female candidate, all 3 candidates of Badnavar constituency of Dhar district are male, all 13 candidates of Sanwer constituency of Indore district are male and similarly all 9 candidates of Suwasra constituency of Mandsaur district are males.

Rajesh Dahima/Lakshman Singh
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