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Work with compassion and patience

Administrative system should be public oriented
Governor Smt. Patel called on by Trainee IAS Officers

भोपाल : गुरूवार, अक्टूबर 22, 2020, 21:50 IST

Governor Smt. Anandiben Patel has said that officers should deal with the common man with compassion and patience. Win trust to enable subordinate to talk openly. While maintaining coordination with senior officers, along with effective implementation of their instructions, keep them informed about practical problems. The aim of the functioning should be to win the trust and hearts of the people. The Governor was addressing the trainee IAS officers, who came for a courtesy visit at Raj Bhavan today. Principal Secretary Raj Bhavan Shri D.P. Ahuja was also present on this occasion,.

Governor Smt. Patel said that it is a matter of pleasure that all the officers are from the highly technical background. Work to give the benefit of their expertise to the society, by considering it as an opportunity. Use expert knowledge more and more. Build people-oriented administrative systems. Give priority to tour in remote and backward areas. The purpose of the visit should be to get feedback on the ground realities of the schemes and plans. Understand the arrangements by visiting aanganwadis, schools, health centers and make efforts in bringing improvement in them. She further told them to tour extensively in the posting areas. Keep the senior officials apprised of the problems. Open talks with women and children of the villages will help them in getting real information about the area. Maintain live contact with common people, the lowest link of administration. Make honest efforts for solutions after understanding their problems. Smt. Patel said that there is a difference between training and ground experiences. In practice, problems and challenges are surfaced, for which the solution is not found in the directives. At such times, success can be achieved with patience and compassion by coordinating with subordinate staff and senior officers.

Smt. Patel said that compassionate and sympathetic behaviour towards the common man is essential. They should get full opportunity to talk openly. They do not have to run around from pillar to post to meet the officer. Ther should be a system in this regard. Administrative service is an opportunity to experience the happiness by helping others and to set new dimensions of development. Dispose off files by setting deadlines. Keep the information system strong. Give full importance to even smallest information. Recalling the experience of quality education system created by the officers of Forest Department for forest workers in forest area, she said that they should always strive for innovations. Let people derive maximum benefit of their knowledge and experience. Set it as a target of the functioning. Follow neutrality strictly. Never shield near and dear ones for their mistakes. This will establish your neutrality and fairness. The Governor Smt. Patel presented a set of her three books to the officers. She told that during her tenure as Minister and Chief Minister, she has been inspired by the people, who have set examples of service to society at their own level. The account of her memories is given in the book titled ‘Wo Mujhe Hamesha Yaad Rahenge’. The description of the dynamics of the Raj Bhavan has been given in the book ‘Pragatisheel Raj Bhavan’. The book ‘Pratibimb’ contains a study of the works of the Governor of Uttar Pradesh and tour of 45 districts. She motivated the officers to write down their experiences.

The Governor Smt. Patel was informed by Shri Vinod Kumar, the Director General of R.C.V.P. Academy of Administration and Management, Madhya Pradesh, about the history and achievements of the academy. He said that the Academy of Administration was established in the year 1966 in a 46-acre campus. It has all the modern facilities for technical, educational, sports and creative activities for the personality development of the trainees. It has a big library, which receives 20 newspapers and 65 magazines regularly. There are about 38 thousand reference books. He informed that the state's academy is also among the top three academies, affiliated to the Union Public Service Commission. It also has ISO 2001. He further said that continuous efforts are being made to improve the academy. The online training has been initiated with the training of IAS officers. It will also be implemented in other training programmes. He also presented a memento to the Governor on the occasion.

Smt. Sonali Wayangankar, the Director of Academy of Administration, told the Governor that 10 officers of the Indian Administrative Service of the year 2019 are under training at R.C.P.V. Administration and Management Academy from October 12. She said that trainee officers are being made aware of the social, economic, geographical situation of Madhya Pradesh besides various schemes and methods of work. Information has also been imparted to them as regard to the Land Revenue Code of the state and various Acts. She further informed that all the officers are engineers at academic level.

Trainee Officer Sushri Srishti Deshmukh shared experiences of training on behalf of the participants with the Governor. She told that after 8 months training at L.B. Shastri Administration Academy, Mussoorie, they were posted in the state in May during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time of Covid-19, they received practically experienced efforts for controlling Covid-19, testing, handling of emergencies, command and control as well as disaster management. Along with this, they experienced functioning of various offices, Tehsildar, Sub-Divisional Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat. The faculty member of the academy Shri Pramod Chaturvedi proposed a vote of thanks. He informed that the State’s Academy of Administration is in coordinating with officer training institutes of other states. Officials of the state's state service had gone to Gujarat on study tours in the past. Soon, the officers of the Gujarat State Service officers will come for training in the state, he added.

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