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Transfer of Plots and Bank Loan will become possible by Permanent Pattas

Process of Nazul Land Management to be made clear and systematic
Cabinet Meeting held

भोपाल : मंगलवार, सितम्बर 22, 2020, 22:29 IST

Under the lien, decision has been taken that the occupants of the government plots, located in the urban areas, who have undisputed possession on or before December 31, 2014 and presently have possession will be identified and issued permanent pattas of 30 years, by taking proper prabyaji (Charges)and lease amount. For this, online application has to be submitted. In this order, after examination by the District Collector, eligible people will be able to get pattas. In the case of land, river, drains, religious institution, park, sports ground, road, street of government use or other land for community use, pattas will not be issued.

In this process, such special cases, in which occupancy of land was registered sometimes as government and sometimes under private land ownership. In such cases, on receiving the proposal from the District Collector, pattas can be given after the approval of the State Government.

This will enable the occupants to get pattas of plots in their possession, which will enable them to get loan from the bank for better utilization of the plots and also transfer the plots. With such an arrangement, the state government will get revenue in the form of prabyaji and lease amount.

Information of Nazul land to be displayed on the website

The cabinet gave approval to Madhya Pradesh Nazul Bhumi Nivartan Nirdesh 2020. With the issuance of these instructions, the process of land management and nivartan (retreat) will be clear and systematic. This will facilitate the maintenance of records of land easy at the ground level. The state's income will increase with the speedy process of withdrawal of government land. New provisions have also been included under the Madhya Pradesh Nazul Nivartan Nirdesh 2020 under Revenue Book Circular Volume 4 Number 1. The definition of Nazul land has been broadened and the information of all Nazul land will be displayed on the website in the name of Landbank. By e-auction process, arrangements have been made for withdrawal in favour of land owners. Along with the bridges and culverts, a provision has been made for license to install conveyor belts or ropeway trolleys and gou-shalas. Provision has been made to constitute three-tier district, division and state level committees for withdrawal of government land. Provision has been made to abolish the provision of temporary pattas and to change previously issued temporary pattas in permanent pattas and change in the land-owning rights of the residential land of permanent patta holders.

Allotment of land of Madhya Pradesh Nazul Bhumi for Rail route, Highways, Kendriya Vidyalaya offices of Panchayati Raj Institutions etc. will be done a zero prabyaji and at concessional rates to socio-cultural and recognized political parties as well as allotment of land to capital investors as per policy of concerned department. For government projects, the previous provisions in matters related to exchange of private land with government land have been consolidated keeping as it is. Land to local bodies or urban bodies will be transferred under the land ownership.

Period of Mukhya Mantri Covid-19 Warriors Welfare scheme extended

The cabinet decided to extend the time period of Mukhya Mantri Covid-19 Warriors Welfare scheme from 30 June 2020 to 30 October 2020.

Approval granted for amendment in Excise Policy Year 2020-21

The cabinet endorsed the orders given by the Chief Minister on the amendment in the Excise Policy year 2020-21 and the recommendations made by the Group of Ministers. The Cabinet Members also approved the decision taken regarding the re-execution of liquor shops for the remaining period of 2020-21 and the action taken by the Commercial Tax Department.  

Ordinance related to property tax approved

The Cabinet granted approval to the Amendment in Ordinance 2020, submitted regarding the establishment of Eklavya Private University Damoh.

The Cabinet gave approval to the Madhya Pradesh Municipal Law (Second Amendment) Ordinance 2020 related to property tax in urban bodies, Madhya Pradesh Municipal Law (Third Amendment) Ordinance 2020 for direct election of Chairman/Mayor of urban bodies and Resolution Ordinance 2020 of old outstanding of Madhya Pradesh Taxation Regulation.

Rajesh Dahima/Sandeep Kapoor
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