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Directives of Election Commission to Contestants and Political Parties

Required to publish/telecast details of criminal cases thrice  

भोपाल : शनिवार, सितम्बर 12, 2020, 21:42 IST

Election Commission of India has issued directives that contestants and political parties nominating them are required to publish and broadcast in News Papers and Television thrice during the election process about the criminal cases, if there is any, against the candidates contesting the election.

Deputy Secretary of the Election Commission of India Shri Pawan Dewan said that the Commission has taken a decision to make its directives as regard to publication and broadcasting of criminal cases even more effective and simple for the candidates and political parties, which nominate them for election. The Commission is always striving for the betterment of electoral democracy by emphasizing this moral standard. He said that according to the directives issued by the Commission in the above context, it is compulsory for candidates and political parties, which nominate to publish information related to criminal cases first within 4 days of the last date of withdrawal, second within 5 to 8 days of the last date of withdrawal and the third between the 9th day to the last date of election campaigning that means that it will be compulsory to get it publicized 2 days before the election. With this time line, voters will be able to get a chance to acquaint themselves in choosing the candidate of their choice.

The Deputy Secretary of the Commission said that in connection to campaigning, that criminal case if any against the candidates who have won unopposed then the political parties, which have nominated them, have to follow the directives implemented for campaigning. And have to follow the propaganda instructions applicable to their political parties. As per the decision taken by the Commission, so far, a summary of all the formats and instructions issued in this subject is being published for the convenience of all the beneficiaries. Through this, it will help in generating more awareness among the voters and other stakeholders on this subject. It is mandatory for candidates contesting elections with previous criminal cases and the political parties nominating them to comply with all the instructions issued in this regard. These revised guidelines will come into force with immediate effect.

Rishabh Jain
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