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Chambal Atal Progress-Way will open doors for regions’ development: CM Shri Chouhan

Fate and picture of Chambal Division will change: Union Agriculture Minister Shri Tomar
Announcement for opening of College in Dimni Assembly Constituency

भोपाल : गुरूवार, सितम्बर 10, 2020, 21:15 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that with the construction of Chambal Atal Progress-Way, the region will develop rapidly and youths of the region will get employment by setting up of industries in large number. He said that the Chambal Atal Progress-Way will lead to all-round development of the region. This will boost agriculture, industry, education and tourism. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the public meeting in village Ratirampura of Dimani Assembly Constituency of Morena district of Chambal division today. On this occasion, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan dedicated and performed bhumi-pujan of development works costing over Rs. 88 crore.

 The Chief Minister announced the opening of a college in village Dimani. Along with this, he also talked about construction of sports ground in Dimni itself and opening of Sainik School in Morena district. He said that water will be supplied to every house in Dimani assembly constituency in the next 3 years through the Tap-Water Scheme.

Union Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar, former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha M.P. Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia, Minister for Public Health Engineering Shri Edal Singh Kanshana, Minister of State for Agriculture Shri Girraj Dandotiya, District Panchayat President Smt. Geeta Harshana as well as local public representatives and officials were present at the programme.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the blood of the youths of Morena and Bhind districts is more hot than the prevailing heat. People of Chambal region protect the country by joining army in large numbers. They pierce the enemy's chest with bullets during battle. That is why no one can see our country with evil eye. In case of misdeed, our army has always given a befitting reply. He said that Martyr Pandit Ramprasad Bismil, a resident of Barbai village of Morena district, who was born in Chambal, had taught the British a lesson in the freedom struggle movement.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the recruitment will be done in various departments in the state in the near future. The government has decided that now the youth of Madhya Pradesh only will be recruited in the jobs. He said that the previous government had shelved many public welfare schemes, these schemes have been restarted by the present government. These include Sambal Yojana, Teerth Darshan Yojana, Ladli Laxmi Yojana and other schemes. The Chief Minister said that the government will pay whatever electricity bills have come in the Corona period. Consumers will have to pay the bill from the current month. He said that eligibility slips will be given to poor families in the state, through which wheat at the rate of Re. One per k.g. will be given. So that no poor in the state remains hungry. He directed the district administration to ensure that no eligible person is deprived of wheat in the district. Regarding street vendors, he said that the government is providing interest free loan of Rs. 10 thousand in urban areas. Similar, financial assistance is also being given to street vendors in rural areas. He informed that for the welfare of farmers, an amount of Rs. 4 thousand 600 crore of crop insurance will be deposited by the government in their accounts soon.

Union Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Shri Narendra Singh Tomar congratulted people of the region and expressed gratitude to the Chief Minister for dedicating and performing bhumi-pujan of works costing over Rs. 88 crore. He said that the government has taken care of the public even in adverse conditions and has approved the development works so soon. He said that no stone will be left unturned in the development works and now will not let the wheel of development stops. Shri Tomar said that in the coming days, every house will have electricity and pure water will be supplied through tap-water scheme. Shri Tomar said that the Union Government has approved Rs. 8 thousand crore for the construction of Chambal Atal Progress-Way. With the construction of this porgress-way, the fate and picture of the area will change.

Former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha M.P. Shri Jyotiraditya Scindia said that Madhya Pradesh government is a progressive government. He said that in order to provide justice and respect to the people, he has supported the present government. He said that Chambal Atal Progress-Way will be constructed via Etawah to Kota City of Rajasthan. It is not only the road, it will accelerate the overall development of Chambal region.

In the welcome address, Minister of State for Agriculture Girraj Dandotiya said that there will be no lack in the development of Dimni area. He said that the gifts given by the Chief Minister today will result in complete development of the area.

At the end of the programme, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan distributed certificates under Ladli Laxmi Yojana to the girl beneficiaries and benefits of other schemes to the beneficiaries.

Works that were dedicated and for which foundation stone laid

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan performed bhumi-pujan of Imaliya to Rampur route via Tighra route costing Rs. 4 crore 33 lakh, Ranpur to Sirmaur ka pura worth Rs. 2 crore 81 lakh, Lahar to Patara route costing Rs. 1 crore 89 lakh, Ramcharan ke Pura to Sikroudi route costing Rs. 1 crore 80 lakh, Rithoura ka pura to Bagh route worth Rs. 1 crore 53 lakh, Parth ka pura to Itoura route costing Rs. 1 crore 51lakh, Katelapura to Bargawan route costing Rs. 1 crore 36 lakh, Gopi road to Manphool ka pura worth Rs. 1 crore 4 lakh, Dheerbal ke pura se Gilapura route costing Rs. 94 lakh, Bireharua route to Bholaram ka pura route worth Rs. 94 lakh, Jaggapura to Morservani Kallu ka pura route Rs. 71 lakh, Chandapura to Dab ka pura costing Rs. 59 lakh, Rampurganj to Pahawali route costingRs. 6 crore 60 lakh, Kwari near Rampur, Khedamedwa tap-water scheme costing Rs. 2 crore 59 lakh, Nawli Tap-Water scheme worth Rs. 1 crore 55 lakh, construction of drainge and restoration of ponds of Ambah urban area costing Rs. 34 crore 82 lakh, Kisanpur to Lukhariya route Rs. 4 crore 66 lakh, construction of ponds in wards no. 1,2,3 and 5 of Ambah costing Rs. 3 crore and restoration of ancient pond in Badokhar costing Rs. 2 crore 50 lakh in Ratirampura of Dimni Assembly constituency.

Similarly, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan dedicated roads of Gram Panchayats Qajibasai, Nagra, Birtolli, Hargawan costing Rs. 8 crore 66 lakh and roads of Gram Panchayats Dimni, Jakhona road costing Rs. 2 crore 5 lakh.

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