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35 lakh citizens take part in “Gandagi Bharat Chhodo- Madhya Pradesh” campaign

Campaign was launched from August 16 to 30 in 378 urban bodies 

भोपाल : मंगलवार, सितम्बर 1, 2020, 20:10 IST

As many as 35 lakh citizens took part in the massive “Gandagi Bharat Chhodo-Madhya Pradesh campaign launched in 378 urban bodies from August 16 to 30 in the state. In order to give shape to the Prime Minister’s call, Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Bhupendra Singh instructed to convert this campaign into a mass campaign. Work was undertaken by dividing the campaign into five themes.

More than 7 lakh citizens took the oath of maintaining cleanliness during the campaign. Nearly 2 lakh 80 thousand citizens from various localities in the states were informed about the importance of cleanliness. About 8 lakh 70 thousand people were approached to make compost from wet waste and 18 lakh 35 thousand citizens engaged in this work were honoured. Four lakh 65 thousand masks were distributed in slums with the help of citizens under the Mask Awareness Campaign. Around 10 thousand Corona warrior sanitation workers have been honoured. As many as 3 lakh 98 thousand citizens have given online feedback for urban cleanliness.

18,560 challans made against polythene carry-bags

Awareness programmes were organized in 7 thousand 178 settlements under the campaign. A total of 18,560 challans were made against polythene carry-bags. As many as 1,548 places in cities where people and traders would dump garbage were also cleaned and beautified. Quarantine centres and toilets were cleaned.

Efforts were made to expand the role of citizens in the campaign and to give them more responsibility, sensitize them on social concerns, create a positive environment for sanitation workers and increase public participation in cleanliness.

Ranking of urban bodies

Ranking of urban bodies will be done based on the work done under the cleanliness campaign as per the instructions of Urban Development and Housing Minister Shri Singh. The Chief Minister will honour the urban bodies with good rankings.

Campaign based on five themes

The campaign was divided into five themes. The first theme was – Cleanliness Oath and cleanliness and maintenance of personal toilets. Second - Continuous reduction in urban waste emissions by refusing single-use plastic along with recycle, re-use and reducing non-utility items and plastic. Third - Cleanliness in Covid conditions, biomedical waste, disposal of used masks, sanitization and cleanliness of Covid Quarantine Centres and special sanitation campaign for their toilets. Fourth - Separation of waste from sources of houses and to prevent harmful wastes such as sanitary pads, diapers and medicines, etc. from being mixed up with the common waste and the Fifth theme was- launching a special cleanliness campaign for public places and public toilets. The goal of each theme was to reach out to more citizens and make them aware.

Rajesh Pandey
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