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Damage to crops, houses and goods to be surveyed as soon as water recedes

Benefit of both R.B.C. 6/4 and Crop Insurance to be given
Will ensure no loss of life, full compensation against damage to be given
“Jab Mama Aapke Saath hai to Chinta Kis Baat Ki’
CM Shri Chouhan reaches villages of Hoshangabad & Sehore districts in boat

भोपाल : सोमवार, अगस्त 31, 2020, 22:25 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan reached Balabhent village of Hoshangabad district and Neelkanth village of Nasraullaganj of Sehore district, which became island because of floods, riding a boat along with Army Jawans today. He also visited Sangakheda village of Hoshangabad district and other villages of Sehore district. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan observed the flood relief works, interacted with the victims and assured them that ‘Jab Mama Aapke Saath Hai to Chinta Kis Baat Ki’ (Why to worry when Mama is with you). He said that he will ensure no loss of life and full compensation against the damage caused by the flood.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan further stated that survey of damage to crops, houses and goods will be started as soon as the water recedes and along with providing full help under the provisions of R.B.C. 6/4, the full benefit of crop insurance will also be provided to the farmers. Shri Chouhan instructed the Collectors to assess the damage with scientific method to enable victims to get full benefit. Action should be taken on the basis of Panchnama, he added.

Getting full cooperation from Army

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the situation of flood turned terrible in many areas of the state till the morning of August 30. In this situation, he talked to the Prime Minister as well as Defence Minister and as a result the state received immediate help from the Indian Air Force and Army. Our Jawans and helicopters of Army saved life of every individual by working day and night. Apart from this, our full team, social organizations and daring youths are constantly rendering their services, ‘I am thankful to all’. People have been evacuated safely by Army Jawans from Chhoti Balabhent and Badi Balabhent too.

When people are in pain, Shivraj cannot stay at bungalow

Chief Minister told the people that he is observing the damage to crops and arrangements by visiting the flood affected areas for the last four days continuously. ‘When my people are in pain then how can I stay at bungalow’. I have talked about the flood relief with the Prime Minister of the country and with chowkidars too. I receive calls whole night saying that ‘Mama Hamein Bacha Lo’ and ‘I tell them be courageous, your Mama will not let anything happen to you’. ‘I am satisfied that we have saved everyone’s life’.

Distributes food packets and water bottles

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan during his visit to the flood affected villages distributed food packets and water bottles among the flood victims with his own hands. He advised them not to drink dirty water at all. He instructed the government staff to ensure supply of pure food, pure drinking water, medicines and other essential items to the affected people.

Visited Atraliya, Mandi, Seelkanth, Teegli and Saatdev villages of Sehore district

During the inspection of flood affected areas, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan reached Atraliya, Mandi, Seelkanth, Teegli and Saatdev villages of Sehore district at night. Addressing the villagers, he said that ‘Baadh se Logon Ki Jaan to Bach Gayi Hai, Ab Hamein Jahan Bachana Hai’. He informed that people stranded in flood have been saved by air lifting from Shahganj village of the district. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan further said that the payment of total Rs. 4614 crore of last year’s crop insurance will be made to the farmers of the state on September 06.

Pankaj Mittal
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