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Recovery rate touches 75 percent in state

Number of active patients declined by 98
CM Shri Chouhan reviews situation of corona and arrangements

भोपाल : मंगलवार, अगस्त 11, 2020, 18:58 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the recovery rate of corona is continuously on rise in the state and patients in large number are going home after the recovery. This has resulted in decline in the numbers of active patients, which is a good sign. At present, the recovery rate of the state has touched 75.1 percent and the number of active patients has become 9105. New 843 patients have been admitted in the state and at the same time 922 went back home after the recovery. In comparison to yesterday, the number of active patients has declined by 98. The fatality rate in the state is 2.54 and every possible effort is being made to minimize it further. Good arrangements have been made for free treatment of corona patients in Covid Hospitals of the state, he added.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was reviewing the situation of Covid-19 and arrangements in the state through video conference today. The Minister for Home Dr. Narottam Mishra, Minister for Urban Development and Housing Shri Bhupendra Singh, Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman, DGP Shri Vivek Johri, Principal Secretary Public Relations Shri Shivshekhar Shukla and other Officers attended the video conference.

Treatment of patients without symptoms at home itself

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has said that arrangement of treatment for patients with minor symptoms should be made at home, subject to availability of facility at home. Moreover, arrangement of regular monitoring of these patients should be done at home.

Improve arrangements in Datia Medical College

The Minister for Home Dr. Narottam Mishra has informed that a complaint has been received in the Datia Medical College concerning not visiting of wards by the dean and civil surgeon from the last few days. Shri Chouhan instructed to take immediate action in this matter.

Health checkups should be conducted in all jails

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed that corona related health checkups should be conducted compulsorily in all jails of the state. The Home Minister Dr. Mishra informed that 30 patients of corona have been found in Gwalior jail. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed to make separate wards and arrangements for treatment in the jails.

Pay special heed to these districts

It was informed during the review that highest 176 new patients of corona in the state have been found in Indore. New 100 patients in Bhopal, 89 in Gwalior, 54 in Jabalpur and 28 in Vidisha have been found. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed to pay special attention to these districts.

21217 tests conducted today

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that corona testing capacity is being increased continuously for quick identification of patients and their treatment in the state. Today, 21217 tests have been conducted in the state, he added.

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