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Will make effective efforts to supply water to every inch of farmers’ land

NABARD approves new Irrigation Project costing Rs. 1425 crore for MP
CM Shri Chouhan interacts with WSH Groups, Farmer Producer Organisations and Progressive farmers on NABARD’s Foundation Day

भोपाल : बुधवार, जुलाई 15, 2020, 20:55 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is a Visionary Leader and Man of Ideas. He has converted Covid challenge into an opportunity and has taken a resolution for New Atma-Nirbhar Bharat. To cherish this resolution, we will make Atma-Nirbhar Madhya Pradesh. There is a need for maximum development in farming, farmers and villages in this regard. Special works have been undertaken in Madhya Pradesh for expansion in the irrigation capacities. In previous years, we have expanded our irrigation capacities from 7.5 lakh hectare to 42 lakh hectare and NABARD has contributed significantly in achieving this objective. In the coming times, we will make effective efforts to supply water to every inch of farmers’ land.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan mentioned that it is a matter of joy that approval has been given

Financial assistance provided to M.P. by NABARD


Amount (In crore)





















today by the NABARD for ‘Lift Irrigation’ project costing Rs. 1425 crore of Madhya Pradesh. In addition, it has also sanctioned loan of Rs. 4 thousand crore for other projects. For this, ‘I express my gratitude to the entire team of NABARD’, he added.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was addressing the Women Self-Help Groups, representatives of Farmer Producer Organisations and Progressive Farmers of various districts on the occasion of the 39th Foundation Day of NABARD through video conferencing at Mantralaya today. The Minister for Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development Shri Kamal Patel, Minister for Cooperatives, Public Service Management Shri Arvind Singh Bhadoriya, General Manager NABARD Dr. D.S. Chouhan, Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Additional Chief Secretary Shri Manoj Shrivastava, Additional Chief Secretary Shri Manoj Govil and other were present on the occasion.

Agriculture Growth Rate of up to 24 percent achieved by M.P.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan asserted that Madhya Pradesh has achieved Agriculture Growth Rate of up to 24 percent. The main reason for this is special efforts in the field of irrigation. There has been special contribution of NABARD in achieving this growth rate. A significant role has been played by NABARD in development of agriculture, rural areas and agriculture infrastructure.

elf-Help groups will play important role in converting local into vocal

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that constructive works are being done in the state to strengthen self-help groups. Now, the government will make available the loan on 4 percent interest rate for enhancing economic activities. The E-Shakti Yojana of NABARD will be fully implemented. The women self-help groups will play an important role in converting local into vocal.

I would like to see bed covers made by your group

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan held talks with Women Self-Help Groups, Office Bearers of Farmer Producer Organisations and Progressive Farmers through video conferencing. Chhapli Bai of Ganga Self-Help Group of Ratlam district informed that her group is involved in business of block printing and manufacturing of Punjabi suits and bangles. On this, Shri Chouhan said that he heard a lot about the bed covers and ‘I would like to see it’. Expressing happiness over the comment of Shri Chouhan, Chhapli Bai showed him a bed cover made by using block printing. The Chief Minister appreciated her work. He also interacted with Smt. Nandini Verma of Sangam Self-Help Group of Dewas, Dhapu Bai of Durga Self-Help Group of Dhar as well as Uma Rajak of Om Jai Jagdish Ho Self-Help Group and sought information about the activities of their groups.

Annual Turnover of Rs. 71.69 lakh

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was apprised by Shri Prakash Meena of Reva Farmer Producer Organisation of Sehore that his organization is involved in organic farming, seed production, vegetable production, milk collection as well as providing cattle and the annual turnover of his organization is Rs. 71.69 lakh. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan commended the work being carried out by his organization.

Dewas Model is famous across the country

The Agriculture Expert of Dewas Dr. Sunil Chaturvedi informed the Chief Minister that roof water harvesting technology has been developed in the district and remarkable achievement has been made in increase in ground water level and availability of potable water in surrounding areas through this technology. The Chief Minister said that our Dewas model is well known in the entire country.

Inaugurates Grant Assistance Projects of Rs. 2381 lakh

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan inaugurated NABARD’s sponsored Grant Assistance projects costing Rs. 2381.69 lakh. As many as 10.82 lakh families of the state will be benefitted under these projects. These projects chiefly include self-help groups related E-Shakti Project (In all districts of state) costing Rs. Rs. 1587 lakh, Livelihood Programme for Migrant Labourers worth Rs. 275.67 lakh, Financial Literacy and Inclusion Programme of Rs. 321.89 lakh, Farmer Producer Organisation-Water Shed Project of Rs. 196.89 lakh. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also launched 5 model projects of agriculture sector for employment of farmers of the state and released books on contribution of NABARD in the state.

Inaugurates FM System of HDFC Bank

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also inaugurated the Financial Management System developed by the State Rural Livelihood Mission of HDFC Bank for the self-help groups.

Works worth Rs. One lakh crore in last 10 years

The Chief General Manager of NABARD Smt. T.S. Raji Gen, while addressing through video conferencing said that NABARD is working in the state in the field of Agriculture employment, Agriculture Infrastructure development etc. In the last 10 years, works worth about Rs. One lakh crore have been carried out.

Madhya Pradesh is constantly ahead in Agriculture Growth Rate

The Chairman of NABARD Shri G.R. Chintala also attended the video conferencing from Mumbai. He informed that in the last 15 years, the agriculture growth rate of Madhya Pradesh has been higher than 10 percent, whereas the agriculture growth rate of the country has been about 4 percent. Remarkable expansion in irrigation services has been done in Madhya Pradesh and thus the state deserves congratulations for this achievement.

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