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‘Kill Corona Campaign’ to be launched in state from July 01

Eradicate Covid-19 by seeking support of all
CM Shri Chouhan issues instructions
One lab in March, Today 27 labs are functioning, Covid Mitra will work to enhance consciousness

भोपाल : बुधवार, जून 24, 2020, 20:36 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that ‘Kill Corona Campaign’ will be conducted in the state from July 01. The Campaign will be started from Bhopal. In this important campaign of controlling virus and to generate health awareness, the government and society will work together in all districts of the state. Kill Corona campaign will cover each family. Teams are being formed in this regard. Covid Mitra will also be made, who will work voluntarily for this campaign. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan issued instructions in a video conference with Commissioners and Collectors to start necessary preparations for this campaign from now itself. A meaningful message will be conveyed by this unique and major campaign to other states too, he added.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed that I.G.s and Commissioners should also maintain vigil on corona control in districts and divisions. He further mentioned that about 14 thousand female and male health workers of the state will be entrusted with the important responsibility of survey work. The Minister for Home and Health Dr. Narottam Mishra, Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Additional Chief Secretary Public Health and Family Welfare Shri Mohammad Suleman, Principal Secretary Shri Faiz Ahmed Qidwai, Principal Secretary to CM Shri Manish Rastogi and others were present at the video conference.

Seek help of all in door to door survey

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has said that success has been achieved in controlling corona in Madhya Pradesh as compared to other states. But it is important that people should remain vigilant and adopt all necessary measures. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan further mentioned that we have to take a sigh of relief only after eradicating corona virus. Now, the task of identifying the suspected patients quickly and treatment will become easier through door to door survey in the state. He said that the speed of the campaign should be accelerated with the support of members of Crisis Management Group of districts and all. We have to work with a strategy for total control on virus. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the growth rate and number of corona active cases is less in Madhya Pradesh. The state stood at second position in the country with recovery rate of 76.1 percent. Success has been achieved to curb the spread of corona virus.

General public should also become participant in campaign

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also appealed the general public to render their cooperation in ‘Kill Corona Campaign’. They should help survey teams reaching door to door by providing important information to them. The survey teams will comprise Female and Male Health Workers, Asha Workers and Aaganbadi Workers. Citizens will be able to get necessary consultation and treatment if symptoms of cough and cold besides dengue, malaria and diarrhea are found. Entry of this information will be registered by using Sarthak App. Total 10 thousand survey teams will function and at an estimate they will visit 10 lakh houses every day. One team will cover about 100 houses. The total population of the state will be covered under this survey. The work to educate people about health will also take place simultaneously. The work to inform citizens about the visit of survey team will be done by advance team by distributing publicity material and direct contact with people. Support of citizens will be sought in these works by following the norm of social distancing.

CM Shri Chouhan has held 210 hrs meetings and V.Cs.

It was informed in the conference that the Chief Minister of the state Shri Chouhan after assuming the charge of Chief Minister on March 23 to June 22, has constantly reviewed the efforts of corona control in the state through various meetings and video conference totaling 210 hours. The Chief Minister has obtained information about each and every activity of each district with this constant follow up. In districts, where maximum corona positive patients were found comparatively, the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan also held direct review.

Efforts of disease control in Gwalior lauded

In the video conference, the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan while appreciating the efforts of corona virus control in Gwalior district congratulated the Collector. He said that Gwalior district has become an example of excellent works in controlling the corona virus. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed for controlling corona virus with full energy in other districts too besides paying attention to testing facilities, treatment and social distancing. He further said that efforts should be made that test reports should be made available in shortest time. This will help in easily giving successful treatment quickly after finding positive patients.

Special training imparted to 3 lakh people

In wake of Covid-19, about 3 lakh people in the state have been trained for testing, treatment, quarantine, surveillance, adopting necessary measures in infected areas and social distancing etc. The trained people include doctors, nurses, health workers and others. Asha workers and volunteers are also included in this training related to Covid works.

Capacity reached to 9 thousand per day

It was informed in the meeting that corona has been controlled in Madhya Pradesh in a better manner as compared to other states of the country. The current capacity has reached 9 thousand per day. Due to increase in daily testing capacity, it has become easier to find positive patients and to give them treatment for their health recovery. Therefore, Madhya Pradesh is far ahead in the recovery rate. The Principal Secretary Medical Education informed that with the installation of new equipment in medical colleges of the state, a facility of more than 16 thousand testing will be developed soon.

Arrangements made in state are more than needed

Only 20 percent of the available bed capacity in the state is being utilized to admit corona positive patients in Covid Care Centers. It was informed in today’s video conference that total 24 thousand 235 general beds, 8 thousand 924 oxygen beds and one thousand 105 ICU beds are available in the state. This capacity has been developed in the government and private hospitals fearing the spread of corona infection in the state. Only one fourth of this capacity is being utilized. Total 956 ICU beds will be available in district hospitals of the state by the end of July month. Similarly, the number of medical college will become 777 in the state. About 12 thousand oxygen beds will be available in district hospitals including medical colleges by the end of next month. The contact tracing work concerning 12 thousand positive cases found during the last 3 months in the state has been completed. This constitutes 99 percent in Indore and Gwalior, 98 percent in Bhopal and 100 percent in Ujjain and Burhanpur. As of June 22, 912 fever clinics are functioning in the state. Seventy seven percent patients out of the total patients came to these clinics have been advised home isolation. At an average, 3019 patients per day are visiting these clinics. This constitutes highest number of health conscious people of Bhopal, who have received consultation at an average number of 304 per clinic.

Lowest growth rate in state

It was informed during the conference that the growth rate of the state is 1.43, which is better than all other states. The virus has been controlled at faster pace in the last 5 weeks in the state and the condition of the state has become better because of constant efforts at every level. Once 6 percent patients of the state were constituting the population of the country, which has come down to just 1.3 percent. Total 6.3 percent patients from Indore city were among the total covid patients of the country, which has now come down to just 01 percent. Efforts of corona control have also gained success in Bhopal and Ujjain city. On one hand the percentage of India in the active cases is 40, on the other Madhya Pradesh has only remained with 19 percent active cases. This means that the pace of the virus is slowing down and Madhya Pradesh is more successful in preventing infection. There are less than 10 active cases in 33 districts of the state.

Community based efforts to be implemented

In the conference, the Managing Director of Health Mission Sushri Chhavi Bhardwaj has enlightened through presentation that the use of Sarthak App is increasing. This app will prove important in the health survey of state’s citizens. Covid Mitra will have important role. Surveillance will become easy by community based efforts. District administration could entrust responsibility to volunteers and people below 45 years of age in rural and urban areas. Voluntary organizations will also be linked with this activity.

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