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Direct relief of Rs 38 thousand crore to citizens in various schemes during Covid 19 crisis

Detailed information given to Cabinet members in CM Shri Chouhan’s presence 

भोपाल : मंगलवार, जून 23, 2020, 18:41 IST

Cabinet members were given detailed information about the economic benefits and relief given to power consumers and citizens under various schemes during Covid 19 crisis in the presence of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. Ministers including Dr. Narottam Mishra, Shri Tulsi Silavat, Shri Kamal Patel, Shri Govind Singh Rajput and Sushri Meena Singh were present in the meeting. Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains was present in the meeting.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the economic sector has been affected due to Corona. In order to reduce the difficulties of the people, the state government made timely arrangements for online payment of funds, for the welfare of each class. This has directly benefited the common man during the Covid 19 crisis.

Payment was made to various sections of the society in the lockdown period for relief. Prominently, 24 departments have done the work of providing Rs. 38 thousand crores in scholarship, pension, labour and farmer welfare schemes. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan himself interacted with migrant labourers, students and other beneficiaries of various schemes including Saharia, Baiga, Bharia tribesmen on certain occasions through video conferences and got the amounts deposited in their accounts.

Details of scheme and allocated amount

In the lockdown period an amount of Rs 562.34 crore was distributed for social security pension, Rs 44.60 crore for three special backward tribes, Rs 14.81 crore under Mukhyamantri Pravasi Mazdoor Sahayata Yojana, Rs1862 crore under MNREGA and Shram Siddhi Abhiyan, Rs 2981 crore under Crop Insurance Scheme, Rs 1500 crore under Government of India’s Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana, Rs. 263 crore was given to 87.49 lakh students under the Mid-Day Meal Scheme under the School Education Department and Rs 84 crore were deposited in the accounts of cooks. Similarly, Rs 475.30 crore was given to 51 lakh students in scholarship schemes. Following wheat procurement, an amount of Rs 24,000 crore has been provided to about 16 lakh farmers. In addition, an amount of Rs 2762 crore was given to about 3 lakh farmers on the purchase of gram, mustard and lentils. Rs 477 crore to Tendupatta collectors, Rs 137.41 crore to more than 24 thousand beneficiaries under Sambal Yojana and Rs 177 crore to about nine lakh construction labourers. An amount of Rs 36 crores was granted under Pradhan Mantri Matru-Vandana Yojana. Rs 12.27 crores was disbursed under Ladli Laxmi Yojana, Rs 8.24 crores under Mukhya Mantri Swechhanudan Nidhi, Rs 82.41 crores was spent for urban area under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana and Rs 451 crores for rural areas. Rs six crore is being given to the priests of government religious places by the Adhyatma Department and the electricity consumers are getting Rs 623 crore. Apart from this, an amount of Rs 35 crore was provided for distribution of medicine and kadha under Jeevan Amrit Yojana. Among other schemes, Rs 70 crores was given under Panch-Parmeshwar Yojana, Rs 120.96 crores on supply of foodgrain to destitutes, migrant labourers, Rs 21 crore allocated to districts for managing relief camps of labourers coming from other states as a result of Corona crisis. Besides Rs 47 crore was given for arrangement of transportation of migrant labourers. Along with this, arrangements were made for supply of food grains and advance ration to consumers. A total of 7.71 lakh metric tonnes of wheat and rice were distributed. The state government allocated an amount of Rs 1555 crore under the Panch Parmeshwar Yojana and Rs 330 crore to the urban bodies in the 15th Finance Commission. Along with this, Rs 2.46 crores was provided by the Adhyatma Department for the renovation of temples.

Important decision for relief for electricity consumers

A significant decision was taken in a major reliefto the electricity consumers of the state during Covid-19 crisis. In this the work of benefiting various categories of power consumers has started.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that during the lockdown period, relief has been provided to the citizens by saving them from the burden of electricity bills. Shri Chouhan said that the information about this decision should be provided to consumers through a campaign. If any consumer faces any problem, then it should be resolved. According to this, 30.68 lakh Sambal Yojana beneficiaries, whose electricity bill for April amounts to Rs 100, will have to pay only Rs 50 per month in the months of May, June and July. This exemption amounts to Rs 46 crores. In the month of April, domestic consumers whose electricity bills have come up to Rs 100, will have to pay only Rs 100 per month for the months of May, June and July if their bills are up to Rs 400. The number of consumers in this category is 56 lakhs and the exemption amount is Rs 255 crores. Similarly, such domestic consumers whose electricity bill for the month of April has come up to Rs 400, they will have to pay 50 percent of the amount of the bill if their electricity bill for May, June and July exceeds Rs 400. The number of consumers in this category is 7.71 lakh and the exemption amount is Rs 183 crore. The decision to pay the remaining 50 percent amount will be made after examining the bill.

Principal Secretary Energy gave detailed information to the Cabinet members through a presentation regarding relief announced for the electricity consumers. He informed that the number of consumers benefited from all categories is 95 lakh and the exemption amount is Rs 623 crore. The work of giving relief information by sending SMS to consumers has also been started. The message is being sent along with the electricity bills.

Ashok Manwani
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