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Lockdown -4 rules should be followed strictly

Complete precautions should be ensured
Preparation should be done to open fever clinic
CM Shri Chouhan conducts video conferencing with all districts

भोपाल : मंगलवार, मई 19, 2020, 22:28 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that the rules of lockdown-4 should be followed strictly in all the districts. Guidelines have been sent to all districts in this regard. Due to the relaxation given in lockdown-4, people will move out of their houses in large numbers, so precautions are even more necessary now. People should not think that Corona is over. Wearing of masks, physical distancing, avoiding crowds etc. should be ensured. Failure in doing so may also result in penalty.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that the government is preparing to open fever clinics to ensure easy availability of Corona health facilities for the people. In this regard, all collectors should make necessary preparations and send information. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan was holding a discussion with I.Gs, Commissioners, Collectors and Superintendents of Police of all divisions and districts of the state today through video conferencing on the status of Corona and lockdown-04 at Mantralaya. On this occasion, Health Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra, Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, DGP Shri Vivek Johri, A.C.S. Health Shri Mohammad Suleman, Principal Secretary Home Shri S.N. Mishra, Principal Secretary Medical Education Shri Sanjay Shukla etc. were present.

Fever clinics in every colony, ward

A.C.S. Health Shri Suleman said that the government is planning to open fever clinics in every colony, ward and area. Fever clinics will be both government and private. Any person who notices symptoms of cold, cough, flu, etc., can go for a health check up at the fever clinic. On the basis of symptoms, fever clinics can send the person to Covid Care Centre after the check up. If needed, a sample for Covid test can also be taken. Free medical treatment of Corona patients will continue in government and contract hospitals.

Permission to be sought from government for relaxation or restriction

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan stated clearly that we have to stop the infection of Corona at all cost. This is our first priority. Along with this, we also have to ensure smooth economic activity. Hence, every district must ensure cent percent compliance with the guidelines of lockdown-04. If any special relaxation or restriction is required according to the situation of the district, it should be discussed with Crisis Management Group, and a proposal in this regard should be sent and work on it only after seeking approval. It should be ensured that no person leaves the house without any urgent work from 7 pm to 7 am.

Spreading infection will be considered criminal negligence

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that people who are home quarantined must follow the rules. They should stay isolated at home and not come in contact with any member. They should maintain total physical distancing, otherwise the whole family may get infected. Spreading the infection is criminal negligence. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed that it should be ensured that people remain at home in the infected areas. Individuals whose samples have been taken, must be isolated.

Make people aware

The Chief Minister directed that people should be made aware in all the districts so that they take all necessary precautions regarding Corona. Even a little carelessness can prove dangerous. Cooperation of social organizations, public representatives and every section of the society should be taken in this work.

Develop hospitals’ infrastructure

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed all the Collectors to develop infrastructure of the hospitals of their respective districts. All the medical arrangements and better medical facilities should be ensured in all these hospitals.

Arrangement for migrant labourers

Shri Chouhan said that all the districts have made good arrangements for the migrant workers. Besides sending them to their homes, all the arrangements related to their food, meal, health facilities etc have been made. Labourers of other states are also being sent to the border of the districts and all the arrangements are being made for them. This work should be continued further.

Register labourers of other states

The Chief Minister directed that all the collectors should register labourers of other states in their districts. Free ration has to be provided to them. At the same time, they also have to be given work under MNREGA scheme by making their cards through panchayats.

Plan for urban poor too

Shri Chouhan informed that the government is also taking full care of the urban poor. Mask producing work is being done by urban women and plan has also been made for urban poor like street vendors and others.

Grain should be procured at support price only from farmers

Shri Chouhan directed that grain should be procured only from the farmers at support price. All the Collectors should also take special care in this matter. Apart from the farmers, if anyone is found doing this, vehicle should be confiscated and action should be taken against him. Collectors should also ensure that the work of forest produce collection is conducted smoothly.

Private schools must charge only tuition fee

The Chief Minister directed that it should be ensured in all the districts that only tuition fee should be taken from the students of the private schools. He said that as per the decision taken by the government, Madhya Pradesh examinations of 10th class subjects will not be conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Secondary Education and examinations of 12th class subjects will be held between 08 and 16 June.

4233 tests conducted

The ACS Health has informed that 4233 tests of corona have been conducted yesterday, of these 3406 tests have been conducted in the labs of the state and 702 tests have been conducted outside. The Trauma Centre of Ujjain has started functioning as Covid hospital.

4 lakh 42 thousand labourers reached state

The ACS Shri I.C.P. Keshri has informed that 4 lakh 42 thousand labourers from others states have reached the state. Right now there are about 01 lakh 25 thousand workers left. As many as 100 trains have come to Madhya Pradesh from different states and 25 more trains will come. In addition, about 1000 buses are reaching daily. Today, about 200 buses have arrived at Sendhwa border. labourers from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune etc. are yet to come.

Only those farmers should come to sell wheat to whom SMS are sent

Shri Chouhan said that only those farmers to whom the SMS are sent should come to sell wheat. It should be ensured that om any condition traders should not sell wheat in the name of farmers. The Principal Secretary informed that so far 94 lakh 50 thousand MT wheat has been procured at support price. Out of the total registered 19 lakh 47 thousand farmers, wheat has been procured from 13 lakh 25 thousand farmers.

75 thousand MT Gram and Mustard procured

The Principal Secretary Agriculture Shri Ajit Kesri has informed that the work of gram and mustard procurement at support price is also in progress. So far, 75 thousand MT Gram and Mustard have been procured.

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