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Over 17 lakh labourers getting employment from MNREGA in state

Efforts for Self-Reliant India and Self-Reliant Madhya Pradesh will continue
Will implement suggestions received from media
CM Shri Chouhan interacts with media through video conferencing

भोपाल : गुरूवार, मई 14, 2020, 19:35 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that work will be done on long term and short term plans in the state to control corona. Full attention will be paid to hold economic activities in the state with adequate precautions and to provide employment to the labourers during the lockdown period. At present, more than 17 lakh labourers have got work under the MGNREGA in the state and a concrete arrangement has been made for their sustenance. Last year only 11 lakh labourers got work In this way, more than 6 lakh needy people have been linked with work during the Corona crisis. There will be continuous efforts towards self-reliant India and self-reliant Madhya Pradesh. Shri Chouhan was interacting with representatives of media through video conferencing at Mantralaya today. He said that the suggestions received from the media are important which will prove useful in controlling corona.

Shri Chouhan said that media is a pillar of democracy. As such, the media has always had a different place. When the country, state and the general public face any challenge, suggestions of the media to handle them always prove to be helpful. He further said that corona virus is being controlled effectively in Madhya Pradesh. Recovery rate is increasing in the state and it has become 48 percent. Aggressive sampling has been started in the state. Lockdown is the only measure for protection from corona. Lockdown has been declared thrice by the Prime Minister. Shri Chouhan said that of course he is especially grateful to the role of media in this hour of crisis, because media generated the consciousness among the public by considering it as its social responsibility. Now Lockdown-4 is being talked about. This has been left to the states by the Prime Minister. So, he thought about discussing it with his media friends. Shri Chouhan said that he is confident that with the cooperation of the media and society, an effective strategy is being implemented.

Shri Chouhan informed that better arrangements have been for treatment in the state. The number of beds has been increased continuously in the state. As many as one lakh beds will be ready soon. He further stated that it is a fact that there is no vaccine available at present to prevent corona, hence one has to learn to live with it. We will have to generate awareness in the society. The cooperation of media is essential in generating public awareness. Migrant workers are returning. Humanitarian concerns have also been taken into consideration for the labourers of other states. Don’t let feelings of disappointment emerge in the society. Initially the death rate was high. Now our recovery rate is higher. Patient will recover if the treatment is done on time. Maintain the enthusiasm and confidence of the society. These feelings can be generated by media. Crisis management groups have been formed. Discussions have also taken place with politicians and prominent people of the society. In this order, the suggestions of the media will also be helpful in moving in the right direction. Expressing gratitude to the members of the media, Shri Chouhan said that the suggestions given by them on Corona and Lockdown will help in deciding further strategy.

The Principal Secretray Public Relations Shri Anupam Rajan, Commissioner Public Relations Shri Sudam Khade along with Director and Additional Secretary to CM Shri Om Prakash Shrivastava were present at the video conferencing.

Key suggestions received from media representatives

Shri Girija Shankar – Everyone has to get in the habit of living with Corona. Normal public life should be restored in the green zone. There should be no excessive checking by the police force in such areas.

Shri Vijay Chaudhary-Doctors' dispensaries should open. Schools, colleges and places of worship should not be opened right now. Special care should be taken of senior citizens who are living alone.

Shri Rajiv Mohan Gupt - Lockdown should be strictly enforced in the state till May 31. Villages need special concern. Necessary arrangements should also be ensured in district hospitals.

Shri Akshat Sharma: The government has already taken care of the necessary arrangements in the lockdown since beginning. The same precautions should be taken in the green zone as in the red or orange zone.

Shri Pramod Bhardwaj - People commuting from Indore to Pithampur Industrial Area for employment are being asked to vacate their houses by some landlords of Indore. Instructions should be given for this, so that the tenants should not face any inconvenience. Treatment in private hospitals should not be expensive.

Shri Rajendra Sharma –Youth who do small works, they need to do their work with social distance, they should not forget this. If this is not taken care of, Corona carriers will move around in other areas, which is not appropriate. Markets should be opened for a limited period of time.

Shri Nitendra Sharma: Garment shops should not be open till May 31 in orange zones that are turning into red more, It is essential to control the virus that full precautions be taken. Today, people are afraid of each other. Counseling should also be given by the Psychiatrists.

Shri Brajesh Rajput- I agree with Chief Minister Shri Chouhan that one has to learn to live with Corona,. Mutual cooperation along with isolation is also essential. Fees should not be charged by schools.

Shri Ravish Pal: The condition of Corona in Madhya Pradesh is improving, but further caution is required. Strict guideline is required on the issue of starting schools. The hard work done so far should not go in vain.

Shri Anurag Dwari - Milk arrangement should be made at the transit site for the children of the labourers. Medical groups should be formed in villages and towns. People should not face inconvenience for a long time.

Shri Govind Gurjar- Necessary arrangements and precautions are required for the education of children. Do not allow such activities that could spread the virus.

Shri Sunil Sharma - The lower class needs more relief. Workers who deliver gas cylinders to homes and working in ration shops will have to work by taking care of themselves and others. There must be social distancing. People in rural or urban areas should not understand that the corona is ending. Awareness in this regard is very necessary.

Shri Harish Divekar - Employment opportunities should be enhanced in the villages. There is a need to be vigilant in view of fears of an increase in crime in the coming months. Increase the use of technology in education.

Shri Praveen Dubey - Guidelines should be laid down for such service providers whose work is very essential. Activities should be conducted with conditions and precautions

Shri Vatsal Shrivastava: There should be strictness in red zones to prevent the spread of infection. Labourers arriving in the village should be quarantined as required.

Shri Naveen Purohit - Full precautions are required. Total strictness is required in the red zones.

Shri Prashant Jain - Shops should not be opened in Red Zones. Strictness should be maintained in these areas.

Shri Satyavijay Singh- The next lockdown should be mixed. Large markets should not open at all. Labourers also should not go out for work. The screening system should be better.

Shri Makrand Kale - Food packets and nutritious food like Sattu should be given to the labourers at the transit sites. Voluntary organizations can also provide shoes and slippers to the workers.

Shri Rakesh Agnihotri - As a visionary measure, employment and health policy should be formulated for the next 20-30 years. Create a new Madhya Pradesh.

Shri Rajesh Sharma - Two lakh PPE kits are being made in the country. Sanitation and Police personnel deployed in the field should get these kits. Good arrangements have increased public confidence in the government.

Shri Sharad Dwivedi- Experts and Researchers associated with other treatment methods should also be encouraged along with Allopathy. It is necessary at this time.

Shri Mrigendra Singh- Lockdown in red zones should be strictly enforced. Separate budget should be given to the gram panchayats situated near the highway for providing food to the labourers.

Shri Pankaj Shrivastava- Other police personnel should be deployed in place of tired police personnel. The government will have to maintain continuous strictness in red zones to control corona. The problems of the survey should also be removed.

Ashok Manvani/Rajesh Dahima
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