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Labourers should get work and not allowed to be starved

No work at the cost of infection
Follow guidelines strictly otherwise you will be held responsible
CM Shri Chouhan reviews Corona status in districts through video conferencing

भोपाल : शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 17, 2020, 23:13 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Government of India has issued a guideline and gave relaxation for holding few economic activities in areas which are not infected from April 20. All the Collectors should thoroughly study these guidelines and ensure its adherence strictly in starting these activities according to the situation in their districts.There should be no work at the cost of Corona infection anywhere in the state. Any relaxation in it is inadmissible. Officers will be held responsible for this. Our aim is to give work to people for the sustenance and nobody should starve in the state. Full compliance of lockdown and social distancing should be ensured, he added.

Shri Chouhan was reviewing the Corona status and related arrangements, Rabi procurement etc. with all the districts through video conferencing at Mantralaya today. The Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, DGP Shri Vivek Johari, Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman, Secretary Public Relations Shri P. Narhari and others were present on the occasion.

Get the MNREGA works done

The Chief Minister directed that MNREGA works should be started from April 20 to provide employment to the labourers in the rural areas. These works should be done according to the guide line of India. MNREGA cards of those labourers, who do not have them, should be made. It was informed that the per day wage rate under MGNREGA was Rs.176 last year and it has been increased to Rs.194 per labourer this year.

Industrial activities should be held in controlled manner

The Chief Minister said that as per the guidelines, the activities of the industries related to essential commodities in the state will be started from April 20. For this, all Collectors and Divisional Commissioners should talk to the industry operators in their area and make sure that the industries start with complete social distancing and all protective measures. As far as possible, accommodation arrangements should be made for the labourers at the workplace itself. In violation of the instructions, the related enterprise/ company will be shut down.

Regular meetings of District Disaster Management Groups

The Chief Minister said that the meetings of District Disaster Management Groups should be held regularly. In these meetings, according to the local conditions of the district, it should be decided which of the works given in the guidelines should be started in the district, which do not cause danger of infection. Notify the Executive Magistrates in the Districts as 'Incident Commander'. Every district should have a disaster management plan. The staff in the corona should be given rest and the second line should be engaged in work.

Do not let Corona to enter district

The Chief Minister said that in districts where there is no corona infection yet, the collectors should ensure that the corona does not enter into their districts. There should be no such activity which will bring the infection into their district.

All fair price shops should open

The Chief Minister directed that all fair price shops be opened in the areas except the infected areas. Grocery shops should also be open for maximum time. The black marketing will not be tolerated under any circumstances and the Collector will be held responsible for it. Collectors should ensure food and housing arrangement for outside labourers.

Active Cooperation of Public Representatives and Media

The Chief Minister directed that all the Collectors should take full cooperation in their districts from the public representatives, media, voluntary organizations and every section of the society in fight against Corona. Consider media as their partner. Shri Chouhan said that there will be no scarcity of fund for corona related works or other public welfare works. He directed the Collectors to ensure drinking water in the summer season, arrangement for Tendu leaf plucking starting from April 25, proper functioning of the call centers and prompt disposal of problems etc.

Purchase one farmer's crop simultaneously

The Chief Minister said that some farmers have lands at different places, make arrangement to purchase their crop simultaneously, so that they do not face any problem. In context to the Rabi procurement, the Principal Secretary Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection Shri Shiv Shekhar Shukla said that SMS are being sent to 6 farmers for every procurement center. On the first day, a total of 3000 farmers came to all the procurement centers of the state and sold 5300 metric tonne wheat. Similarly, on April 16, 14000 metric tonne wheat was sold by 7000 farmers. He also informed that the procurement centers will remain open on April 19, and procurement will be done.

Encourage traders to purchase through ‘Souda Patrak’

The Chief Minister directed that traders should be encouraged to buy the crops of the farmers on reasonable price outside the mandis through the ‘Souda Patrak’' to avoid crowed in the mandis. It was informed that 19000 Metric Tonne of wheat was purchased through Souda Patrak.

Purchase wheat devoid of shining too

The Chief Minister said that farmers are the priority of the government. We will buy the entire crop of farmers. If the wheat is of good quality and devoid of shining, it should be purchased too. Farmers should not come across any hindrance in coming to the procurement centers, they do not need any pass. Ensure availability of essential commodities along with sanitizers etc. at each procurement center. Transportation system should be good, if someone delays the work, replace him with another person. Employees of the Co-operative societies should be assigned duty to assist farmers at procurement centers.

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