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There should be no laxity in the Corona infected areas: CM Shri Chouhan

Instructions issued to ensure supply of essential goods
CM reviews state-wide situation and arrangements of Corona

भोपाल : बुधवार, अप्रैल 15, 2020, 22:32 IST

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that there should be no slackness in the infected areas of all the districts of the state. He said that not a single person should go in and out of the infected area. Shri Chouhan said that regular supply of all essential items should be ensured to the public in the infected areas. Cooperation of all sections of society should be taken in the fight against Corona. The public and the administration together will defeat Corona. The Chief Minister was reviewing the state-wide situation and arrangements of Corona through video conferencing in Mantralaya. Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Director General of Police Shri Vivek Johri, Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman and Secretary Public Relations Shri P. Narhari were present in the meeting.

Contact should be completely broken

The Chief Minister directed that in order to completely stop the movement in and out of infected areas, barricading should be done and drones and CCTV cameras and other technology should also be used for surveillance along with strict action by the police. The contact should be completely broken to prevent infection.

District crisis group should have regular meeting

The Chief Minister said that in every district, regular meeting of district crisis group should be organized. Public representatives, voluntary organizations, religious leaders along with the administration should be invited to the meetings and their full cooperation should be sought.

Ration distribution system

The Chief Minister said that fair price ration for three months has been sent for free distribution in each district. All collectors should ensure that this ration is easily available to consumers while adhering to social distancing.

Officers should also take care of their health

In the video conferencing, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan told all the officers present that they should also take full care of their health. Also, the health of all doctors, police personnel and staff engaged in the arrangements should also be taken care of. Arrangements should be made to give rest to all by turns.

Procurement a challenging task in Corona

The Chief Minister said that procurement in Corona crisis is challenging. He instructed that procurement work should be done in districts with utmost care. Social distancing should be fully followed in the procurement work and small number of farmers should be called to the procurement centers every day. On receiving the SMS, farmers should come to the procurement centers to sell their crops.

Technology should be utilized

The Chief Minister directed that technology should be used to deal with the people in this crisis in an effective way. People should be motivated to use the Arogya Setu Mobile App. CCTV Cameras etc. should be used for surveillance. Also innovative technology should be used to monitor quarantined people.

Active support of media must be taken

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan instructed that active support of media should be taken in the fight against Corona. Governance-administration should work shoulder to shoulder to deal with this crisis with the media. Media must lead the way through their important ideas and suggestions and continuously boost public morale.

Treatment of all diseases must be ensured

The Chief Minister directed that all hospitals should have proper arrangements for treatment of other diseases like the treatment of Corona. Treatment of other diseases must also be taken as seriously as Corona. Strict action will be taken for callousness. Private hospitals should also provide treatment facilities, otherwise action will be taken against them under ESMA. Ambulance should also be ensured to transport patients to the hospital.

Now there will be 11 testing labs

It was told in the review that for Corona, 11 testing labs will start working in the state in a day or two. Now we are getting the results of test of 1600 samples daily. In addition to our test lab, tests are also being conducted in Delhi. Arrangements are being made to start tests in all government and private medical colleges.

Testing capacity will increase to over 6000 by May

It was informed at the meeting that our Corona testing capacity is continuously increasing. The capacity was 1000 tests per day on April 10 last which has increased to 1170 on April 14. Our testing capacity will be 2060 by April 20. By next April 30, this capacity will reach 3470 and 6050 test daily in May.

Officer must display their full talent

The Chief Minister said that we have to end the Corona crisis from the state at the earliest. For this, the officers must exhibit all their talent. They must communicate whatever new ideas they have. We have to ensure the best possible arrangements in Madhya Pradesh.

Rs 1000 will be deposited in the account of workers stranded outside state

The Chief Minister said that Madhya Pradesh government will deposit Rs 1000 in the account of the labourers of Madhya Pradesh who are trapped in other states so that they can meet their daily needs. The number of our labourers trapped in other states is about one lakh 14 thousand and they are trapped in 18 states. The Chief Minister directed to get their names, mobile numbers and bank account details, so that the amount could be deposited in their accounts. For this, 7 senior officers have been deployed.

Ayurvedic medicines will increase immunity

The Chief Minister said that Ayurvedic medicines should be used more and more to increase immunity. Arrangements for free distribution of homeopathy and Unani medicines along with Ayurveda have been made through the AYUSH department. He said that there are many decoctions and medicines in Ayurveda, which are very helpful in increasing the immunity of patients.

Active contribution of Jan Abhiyan Parishad

It was told in the review that 55 to 60 thousand people of Jan Abhiyan Parishad are actively working in the work related to Corona. They are engaged in lockdown, free food distribution, free mask distribution, writing on walls etc. They are also taking the contribution of 546 voluntary organizations in this work. Appreciating their work, the Chief Minister directed that their support should also be taken in the work of procurement on support price.

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