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Make every possible effort to save lives of Corona patients: CM Shri Chouhan

Infection should not spread to other places: Nobody should starve in state
Chief Minister reviews Corona’s status and arrangements

भोपाल : शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 10, 2020, 22:19 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that every possible effort should be made in the state to save every patient infected with coronavirus in the state. Work intensely on the strategy to save patients. All the infected areas of the state have been completely sealed. It should be strictly adhered to, so that the corona infection does not spread to other areas. Special precautions should be taken in this task. No one should starve in any place in the state; there should be food grains and food arrangement for all. Shri Chouhan was reviewing the status of Corona and arrangements with senior officials at Mantralaya through video conferencing. The Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman and all concerned senior officials were present at the meeting.

Take help from society

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed that the help of social service organizations, public representatives, religious leaders and others should be taken in corona related activities. They will assist in the functioning of the administration. Let’s all work together to defeat Corona in the state to make Madhya Pradesh a model state of India.

Ample medical material available in state

        The Additional Chief Secretary Health Shri Mohammad Suleman informed that corona related medical supplies is available in sufficient quantity in the state. Seven testing labs are functioning in the state, with a capacity of more than 1000 tests per day. By next week it will reach 1,200 daily. After distribution, the number of testing kits available in the Bhopal store is 6000, the number of PPE kits is 3280, the number of N-95 masks is 9500 and the number of three-layer masks is 97000. four lakh twenty thousand 500 hydroxychloroquine tablets are available in the state, he added.

Corona infection in 20 districts

During the review, it was informed that there is a Corona infection in 20 districts of the state. The total number of corona patients in the state is 453, of which 36 have died. There are 229 corona infected patients in Indore district, 9 in Jabalpur, 124 in Bhopal, 12 in Ujjain, 2 in Gwalior, 2 in Shivpuri, 14 in Khargone, 12 in Morena, 2 in Chhindwara, 14 in Badwani, 13 in Vidisha, 01 in Betul, 06 in Hoshangabad. one each in Sheopur and Raisen, 03 in Dewas, one in Dhar, 4 in Khandwa, one in Sagar and one in Shajapur.

28 dedicated hospitals

It was informed that 28 dedicated hospitals have been set up in the state for the treatment of corona. In addition, 87 hospitals and 540 COVID Care Centers are constantly working on corona related check ups and treatment.

Don’t let team get tired, give them rest

The Chief Minister directed that the Government team involved in the corona work should not be over burdened, arrangements should be made to give them rest too. Other team should also be put to work. The Government team should be given duties turn by turn.

District Disaster Management Group told to work effectively

The Chief Minister directed that disaster management groups set up in each district for Corona control should work effectively and assess the condition of their districts and ensure best arrangements there.

Take strict action against rumour mongers

The Chief Minister directed that punitive action should be taken against those who spread rumours on social media etc. Secretary Public Relations Shri P. Narhari informed that for this a Fact Finding Team has been constituted at the Directorate of Public Relations level, which immediately circulates the status update in these cases. Collectors have been directed to take action against rumour mongers by registering FIRs.

Ensure supply of essential goods

           Chief Minister Shri Chouhan directed that supply of essential commodities in total lockdown cities and sealed hotspot areas should be maintained. The district administration should ensure this work in collaboration with voluntary organizations.

Farmers should not face problems in harvesting etc.

The Chief Minister directed that farmers should not face any problem in harvesting work. There should be no restriction in the operation of tractors and harvesters. Shops should be open for repairing of agricultural equipment. The administration should actively cooperate with the farmers in this task. Also, there should be a dhaba at every 20 kilometers for the driver of the harvester etc. It was informed that till date the harvesting of 70 percent wheat and 96 percent gram has been completed.

Health, food arrangement should be ensured for workers

           The Chief Minister directed that health tests and food grains, food etc. should be ensured for labourers in the state and those coming outside the state. There have been reports of one migrant worker each of Lateri, Jhirnia and Gwalior being infected. In these cases, proper treatment and other precautions should be ensured.

Ensure food for everyone

The Chief Minister said that free food grains have been provided to 32 lakh persons of the prescribed 25 categories without eligibility slips for a month, but now it has also been decided that apart from these, if any person will require food grains, the state government will provide free ration. No person should sleep hungry in the state. It should be ensured that food is provided to every person.

Purchases from ‘Sauda Patra and Star Agri market also

Arrangements are being made for Rabi procurement in the state from next 15 April. Under this, farmers will be informed about the date and time through SMS. Then they will be able to come to the market and sell their crops. In addition, traders will be able to contact farmers directly and buy their crops at support price. Under the ‘Sauda Patra’ provision in the Mandi Act, traders will also be able to buy crops of farmers directly. Apart from this, farmers will also be able to sell their crops through online market through Star Agri Bazaar.

Make arrangements to buy fruits and vegetables

It was informed in the meeting that due to the lockdown, large quantities of fruits and vegetables of the farmers are getting spoiled. The Chief Minister has directed that a system should be made so that traders can buy the fruits and vegetables of the farmers simultaneously from the village and through the district administration and arrangements can be made to supply them to the public.

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