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Under the Prime Ministers leadership, we controlled Corona in time

Battle is tough but will fight with full might and win
CM Shri Chouhan addresses people through Doordarshan

भोपाल : शनिवार, अप्रैल 4, 2020, 23:46 IST

Addressing the people of the state through Doordarshan today, the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that the Prime Minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi has already recognized the Corona crisis and started lockdown in the country. It is a result of his foresight that we have controlled the spread of corona infection in the country in time. Where countries like Italy, Spain, USA of the world are going through terrible crisis, India's situation is better. Shri Modi is an amazing leader, he united the whole country in the battle against Corona. The battle is tough but we will fight it with all our strength and win.

The Chief Minister said that after taking oath at 9 o'clock on the night of March 23, the first thing I did was to reach Vallabh Bhavan and hold a meeting regarding Corona virus. The whole government and the administration dedicated itself in the fight against Corona. Our doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, police, officers of various departments, staff, journalists are busy saving lives of people by risking their lives. The call of the Prime Minister's lockdown is completely successful with the cooperation of the people throughout the state.

Will defeat Corona by being courageous

The Chief Minister said that incident of Indore like misconduct and stone pelting on Corona warriors is shameful. We took it very seriously and took strict action under NSA against the concerned persons. The courage of our staff did not diminish and they reached again the next day to do their work. Some of my officers have also been infected, but their determination to work has not been discouraged. We will beat Corona with our courage.

Chief Minister demonstrates how to make masks at home

The Chief Minister said that we all people of the state are not crossing the line drawn by the Prime Minister in the form of lockdown. All are confined to their homes. Every possible arrangement has been made for the protection from corona virus and treatment. The capacity of our Corona Testing is currently 500, which will be increased to 1000 soon. We are now making PPE kits to be worn for the protection from corona in Madhya Pradesh and they have been approved by the Government of India. There is no shortage of masks, medicines, etc. Our self-help groups are making masks. The Chief Minister said that if masks is not available in any situation, then make the masks at home. Fold the cotton cloth three layers and make a mask. He demonstrated how to make the three fold mask at home by folding his Gamchha in 3 layers.

Food and accommodation arrangement for labourers

The Chief Minister said that the government is making arrangements for food, accommodation, check up, medicines etc. for our labourers who have returned to the state from other states and those who have come to our state from other states. In the rural areas, we are far from the epidemic. Three months free ration has been arranged by the government for about one crore 46 lakh poor people. Apart from the government, many NGOs are also providing free food to the poor people.

Rs 50 lakhs to Corona warriors

The Chief Minister said that the Government of Madhya Pradesh always takes full care of its officers and employees. Due to the Corona crisis, our revenue collection has reduced drastically and all resources are engaged in the fight against Corona. Nevertheless, we will definitely give increased DA to the employees. It has been postponed for the time being. Madhya Pradesh government will not let any section of society suffer. Prime Minister Shri Modi has announced insurance of up to Rs 50 lakhs for health workers. Apart from the health department, the state government is also making a provision of Rs 50 lakh for the government staff fighting the Corona crisis.

Celebrate festivals at home

A meeting with all the religious leaders was organized to urge them to celebrate the upcoming festivals at home in the wake of Corona crisis in the state. The Chief Minister said that the people of the state, irrespective of community or religion, are all cooperating in Corona crisis and they have celebrated all festivals at home earlier. In this crisis, people are not even organizing Mrityubhoj, marriages etc. He said that the reason for the spread of infection in Morena was a Mrityubhoj that was organized by a family from Dubai.

Whole world is our family

The Chief Minister said that our culture is of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam”. We consider everyone our brethren. The world is a family. The battle of Corona is being fought to save humans. Together we will save the world from this crisis. He informed that many people of Tabligi Jamaat were found infected in the state and they did not report it, due to which the infection spread to others. We will not allow anyone to endanger the lives of others.

Make Prime Minister's call a success

The Chief Minister said that on April 5, all the residents of the state should make the call of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to light earthen lamps, candles or flash mobile flashlight at the doors of their homes or in their balconies at 9 pm for 9 minutes a success. At this time the house lights have to be switched off, but other instruments can run. We have to go from darkness to light. Everyone has to fight together against the darkness of Corona.

Everyone must offer prayers

The Chief Minister said that in this hour of Corona crisis, we all should follow the Prime Minister’s suggestions and stand with him in facing the crisis. He urged people to stay at home, practice yoga, exercise, meditate, read and write and give time to the family. Fight this battle of Corona with full confidence, but do pray together. People of all religions, creeds should pray to God that we should get out of this pandemic soon. The Chief Minister said that after the Corona crisis ends, I myself will go to Giriraj Ji Parikrama. The Chief Minister said that:

“Hum ladenge, jeetenge,

rain andheri beetegi,

patwar chalate jayenge,

manzil ayegi, zaroor ayegi”

Pankaj Mittal
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