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Religious leaders should advice community and followers to cooperate with administration

Whole society together will overcome Corona crisis
CM Shri Chouhan calls on all Religious Leaders through Video Conferencing
Religious Leaders lauds Chief Minister’s efforts

भोपाल : शुक्रवार, अप्रैल 3, 2020, 11:58 IST

The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan through video conferencing has exhorted all the Religious leaders of the state that they should communicate their message not only to their disciples but to the entire community, so that we can overcome the global crisis like Corona as early as possible. They should advice people to cooperate wholeheartedly with the administration. Their message will be invaluable and inspirational for all. The whole society together will overcome the Corona crisis, he added.

The Chief Minister held discussions with the Religious Leaders of all the communities, present at all the 10 Divisional Headquarters of the state today with regard to tackle Corona crisis. The Chief Minister said that people accept their advices as the religious leaders have substantial influence on the communities. They should inspire people in this hour of crisis and boost their morale. The workers of the health and other departments, who are working to protect the people are like God, they should be duly respected. The religious leaders praised the efforts of the Chief Minister and the government for handling the Corona crisis effectively.

Help in making Prime Minister’s call successful

The Chief Minister called on the religious leaders for their help in making the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s call successful by lighting lamps (Deepaks), candles and mobile flash light for 9 minutes at 9.00 p.m. on April 5. Shri Chouhan said that he will address the people of the state at 8.00. p.m. on April 4. The Chief Minister mentioned that the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is making wholehearted efforts to tackle corona crisis. The entire country is adhering to the instructions of the lockdown and social distancing, the main two weapons to fight coronavirus on the call of the Prime Minister.

Will not allow public to suffer

The Chief Minister said that we will not let people of the state suffer from the Corona crisis. The fair price ration (Wheat) of three months has been given to 97.5 lakh people in the state. Two months rice will also be provided shortly. Scholarships of Rs. 430 crore have been given to 52 lakh students of the state. Fund for the mid-day meal of children, and a sum of Rs. 589 crore has been transferred online to the beneficiaries for other convenience. A amount of Rs. One thousand has been sent in the bank accounts of each construction labourer. The landlords have been told not to get their houses vacated from the tenants during the Corona crisis. Along with the payment of the salaries to the labourers, the factory owners have also been directed to make arrangement for their food etc. The date of Kisan card, property tax and professional tax payment has also been extended to April 30.

Health workers are like God

The Chief Minister said that the workers of the Health department and other departments are helping people in this Corona crisis by risking their lives. They should be respected and welcomed by the people of every community. Misbehave with them will not be tolerated in any condition. Greet them and boost their enthusiasm. These are the warriors, who are fighting for us. They are like God. The incident of Indore is unfortunate. Strict action has been taken against the concerned persons, he asserted.

Celebrate upcoming festival by staying at home

The Chief Minister has urged the religious leaders that they should convey a message to the entire community through social media to encourage and boost their morale. People should celebrate and pray during the coming festivals like Mahavir Jayanti, Good Friday, Shab-e-Baraat etc. in the same way as people celebrated Ram Navmi, Navratri festival by staying at home. Make their homes a place of worship as long as corona crisis lasts. Enhance their internal strength through Yoga, exercise, pooja and worship. One get less time for these activities, he added.

Humanity will win and Corona will lose

The Chief Minister has informed that state has a good arrangement for protection from Corona and treatment. We will soon take the corona test capacity to one thousand per day. Apart from this, masks, PPE kits etc. are also available in sufficient quantity. The quality of our PPE kit has been recognized by the DRDO. We are producing four thousand PPE kits every day and will soon be in a position to give them to other states. The Chief Minister said that due to everyone’s efforts, humanity will win and Corona will lose.

Suggestions given by Religious Leaders of all divisions

Many suggestions were given by the religious leaders from all divisions to deal with the corona crisis. The religious leader of the Gayatri Parivar of Bhopal division suggested to increase the corona test in rural areas. The Archbishop spoke for helping the poor and migrant labourers who have come to the state. Qazi Mushtaq Ali praised the work of government and said that no one will come out of the house during the upcoming Shabe Baraat and other festivals. They will celebrate the festival at home.

The Shahar Qazi of Indore Division apologized to the state and the nation for the Indore incident. He said that such treatment with people who are saving lives is shameful to humanity. Radhe Baba said that excellent work is being done by the administration in Indore. Apart from this, another religious leader said that wheat crop has become ripe, arrangement should be made for its harvest etc. The second line of the staff engaged in administration should also be prepared.

The Shahar Qazi of Ujjain Division suggested that check up of everyone, who have come to the cities from outside must be conducted. He praised the administrative arrangements for Corona in Ujjain. Another religious leader said that they are rendering help to the people along with the government. He said that all officers should supply food items to at least five people every day. Rameshwar Das Mahant suggested that Kunjan Kriya immediately provides relief from fever.

The Nayab Qazi of Gwalior Division lauded the administrative arrangements. He mentioned that this is time to pray. Everyone should participate. Pray to God by staying at home that the corona crisis should end soon. Shri Trilok Singh Bhatia said that there should be such a system that no one should go hungry during this crisis. The Bishop of Gwalior praised the contribution of the health department and said that God will soon get us out of this crisis.

The religious leaders of the Jabalpur Division, while praising the efforts of the Prime Minister in this Corona crisis said that he has united the whole country together. The religious leaders expressed gratitude toward the government for the effective control of corona in Jabalpur. They said that we have been able to control the corona effectively by the activeness, promptness and awareness of the Chief Minister. Free meals arrangements etc. are being made by the Samanvay Parivar Trust for the poor and destitute people. The members of the Trust said that people should convert their homes into temples during the time of this crisis. Administration and police should take strict action and allow people to enter the cities after check ups.

The Religious leaders of Sagar Division praised the efforts of the government. The Religious leader of Sikh community informed that people will not be allowed to starve in Sagar. 24 hours Langars are on in Gurudwaras. He further stated that a message is being conveyed to the people that no one should leave their houses and if they violate the rule, it will prove disastrous for them and their families.

Shahar Kaji of Rewa division said that during the Corona crisis, the true picture of India's unity, integrity is emerging. All are working with mutual harmony. He told that Namaz will be performed at home at the upcoming Shab-e-barat. Islam teaches us to protect humanity. The religious leaders while thanking the Chief Minister said that Divisional Commissioner and I.G. have sealed the borders well in time, keeping Corona under control. They suggested making counters in the Collectorate for Corona assistance.

Dharmaguru Acharya Somesh of Hoshangabad division suggested that the public should be made more aware about Corona. Necessary precautions should be taken and people should keep away from rumours. The Archbishop there said that people should worship at homes. The city Qazi said that there is safety in caution.

The religious leader of Jain Samaj from Shahdol division said that there is not a single Corona case in the city due to the awareness of the administration. Father Antony spoke of taking the Corona crisis seriously. Another religious leader suggested that the government should send information about Corona related relief etc. to every religious place, so that they can tell about it to the people. The religious leaders of Chambal division told that the upcoming festival will be celebrated at home. The administration will be fully supported in the lockdown. He informed that work is being done there by the administration with promptness.

Suggestions will be implemented

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan listened carefully to the suggestions received from all the religious leaders and said that they will be implemented. The Chief Minister said that Corona related testing will be done through the Panchayat Department in rural areas. Ration and food grains are also being arranged for the labourers coming from outside. Farmers will be allowed to use harvesters etc. for harvesting. They must carry out harvesting work with social distancing. Second line of people who are deployed in Corona crisis is also being prepared.

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