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CM Shri Chouhan tells people not to worry during his visit to BHEL and Old Bhopal


भोपाल : सोमवार, मार्च 30, 2020, 22:16 IST

Following the norms of social distancing, the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan visited few places of BHEL and Old Bhopal today and sought information about the facilities being provided to the common man during the lockdown. He first reached the Triveni Woman Hostel in BHEL area and met working women residing there. The women informed him that they are receiving the essential commodities. The Chief Minister told them that they should not have to worry at all; the food items and other essentials items will be made available to them. They must follow social distancing. The social distancing will solve this problem easily. He assured that we will certainly overcome this crisis. After the conservation with the Chief Minister, the working women seemed very confident.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan reached the Daughters Nest Girls Hostel of Zone II, M.P. Nagar and spoke to the students residing there. He apprised himself of the facilities being provided there and sought information as regard to the supply of essential commodities. Shri Chouhan like a guardian asked them with affection to keep talking to their mothers and tell them that Mama had come to enquire about their wellbeing. Call home and tell their parents not to worry, Mama is here who is taking care of us. The Chief Minister also inquired about the availability of masks and sanitizers. Shri Chouhan apprised himself of the problems being faced by the students by Corona crisis and gave immediate instructions to the officer concerned to deal with it.

Chief Minister reaches State level Control Room

Shri Chouhan also visited Smart City Office and enquired about the public services being provided through the control room and encouraged the team working there. The Additional Chief Secretary Shri I.C.P. Kesri, Principal Secretary Shri Sanjay Dubey and Commissioner Bhopal Division Smt. Kalpana Shrivastava gave details of the arrangements to the Chief Minister. Shri Chouhan asked the youths working in the control room 'Are we ready to win the battle against Corona, everyone said yes we will win'. The Chief Minister saw confidence on the faces of the youth when this discussion took place. Shri Chouhan acquainted himself with the work and problems of youth working at the centre and told them to make as much as possible efforts to help people. He also held interaction with other youth and encouraged them to work more diligently. The Chief Minister said that it is a service to the nation. All their contributions in this hour of crisis will be remembered.

Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while inspecting the health division established in the control room, said that they should let people of the state face any problem. Special attention should be paid on the health of all people. If they come across with the information about the symptoms of infection in any person's health, a team comprising doctor should be sent immediately to examine patient. He urged the officials and staff that ‘Aaiye, Hum Sab Ek Saath Milkar Corona Sankraman ko Haraein and Manva Jeevan ko Bachayein’ (Come, let’s defeat Corona infection together and save human lives).

The Chief Minister also took stock of the food and ration arrangement, made for the people. He also went through the problems being received at 104/181 and WhatsApp number 9301089967 and inspected the Smart City centre, set up to redress the complaints.

Residents of Old City surprised to see Chief Minister amidst them

The citizens of the Old City were quite surprised, when the Chief Minister Shri Chouhan reached areas traversing through Buddhawara Chouraha and Emami gate following the protocol of distancing. Expressions of happiness were visible on the faces of the citizens. The Chief Minister who came out on the streets in this hour of crisis to understand the sorrow and pain of the people, told them not to panic, the government is with them and they must take necessary precautions. This is important for everyone. He told the citizens to face this calamity with patience and courage. This tough time will pass.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan visited Maa Asha Darbar and other areas too, met the workers and expressed gratitude towards them for their services. He also inspected the Bhojan Shala, being run to distribute free meals to the needy persons. People who come daily to this Bhojan Shala informed him that they are not nervous of the Coronovirus crisis as they are getting both the meals daily without any problem. The Chief Minister briefed them with the measures to prevent Coronovirus infection. He was accompanied by the former Mayor Shri Alok Sharma.

Ashok Manvani
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