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Instructions To Download Hindi Fonts
I. Insturctions for Downloading Fonts
A. Download Web Based Hindi Fonts listed below
B. Save all Fonts as shown below
  • Click on the save button when pop-up window appear
    Fonts download Stage
  • Now Select the Font Directory and Save font
    Fonts download Stage and Save
II. Insturctions Internet Explorer/ NetScape Browser
A. To view offline Download all the below given Hindi Fonts
B. Instructions for installation of the downloaded fonts

(if saved in any directory other than c:\windows\fonts)

1. Select Control Panel and then Fonts.
2. Click on the Add button. Select Install new fonts from the popup menu and give the path where you have saved the fonts.
3. Press OK or the Close Button, the font will be installed on your computer and you can view the saved files offline from next-time.
  • Once the font is added to your system, you can view the text of any saved file in Hindi even offline using any browser (Internet Explorer / Netscape).
  • After installing the fonts, if you still see junk characters please change the settings of you browser to accept user defined fonts.
  • Open the browser and click the view tab on the menu bar of the browser.
  • Click the font tab if you are using IE 4.0, or less, otherwise click on Encoding Tab.
  • Click the User Defined tab from the popup menu.
III. Instructions for Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • Download Padma Plugin (click the link), on your Desktop. After download, Open Mozilla Firefox and Drag Pulgin on Mozilla Firefox. As Shown in Figure below

  • Now Click on Install button to Install it on Mozilla Firefox. As Shown in Figure below

  • Now Restart Mozilla Firefox to complete Intallation Process.
  • If your Mozilla browser does not support plugin version then

Source: Padma 0.4.15 Transformer for Indic Scripts
by: Nagarjuna Venna and Harshita Vani

 पिछला पृष्ठ₹ मुख्य पृष्ठ