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Agriculture is the mainstay of the State's economy and 74.73 per cent of the people are rural. As much as 49 per cent of the land area is cultivable.

Agriculture (Land Utilization) (2014-2015)
  Area according to village Papers (Thousand Hect.) 239.13
  Area under forest (Thousand Hect.) 85.91
  Culturable Waste Land (Thousand Hect.) 10.10
  Total Fellow Land 8.71
  Net Area Sown 239.13
  Gross Cropped Area 103.01
  Double Cropped Area 84.59
  Net Irrigated Area 95.84
  Gross Irrigated Area (E) 103.01
Land Holding (Agricultural Census, 2010-11)
  No. of Land Holdings  8873.000 (In Thousand)
  Area of Land Holding  15836.000 (In Hect.)
  Averages Size of Land Holding  1.78 (Hect.)
Agriculture Production (2014-2015) (P)
  Food Grains Production  321.48  (Lakh M. T.)
  Soyabeen 63.53
  Total Oil Seeds (Including Soyabeen) 76.81 
  Sugar Cane (In Term of Gur) 4.57
  Cotten (Each bages 180 K.G.) 12.42
Average Yield of Principals Crops (2014-2015)
  (K. G. per Hect.)
  Rice (Peddy) 2526
  Wheat 3079
  Jawar 1713
  Gram 1040
  Soyabeen 1139
  Sugarcane (in term of Gur) 5070
  Cotton 1421