Department of Public Relation:Government of Madhya Pradesh
Shri Gaurishankar Bisen

Shri Gaurishankar Bisen was born on January 1, 1952 at Balaghat. An agriculturist, he has interest in sports and tourism. An MSc (Botany), Shri Bisen is active in politics from an early age. He was elected to Vidhan Sabha in 1977 as Janata Party candidate and 1980 as independent. He cooperated dedicatedly in development of irrigation facility. Shri Bisen became Director of Central Cooperative and Land Development Bank, Balaghat in 1978 and Vice-President of District Janata Party, Balaghat. He was elected as candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party to Vidhan Sabha in 1985 and 1990. In 1986, he became member of Vidhan Sabha’s Public Accounts Committee and Assurance Committee in 1986. In the 9th Vidhan Sabha, he was a member of Tabling Committee and Estimates Committee and advisory committees of Public Works and Higher Education departments.

In 1991-92, Shri Bisen was a member of Sagar University’s Court, member of State BJP’s executive body, President of Gram Hitkarni Sabha and Vice-Chairman of Vivek Jyojit Vidyapeeth, Balaghat. He was a BJP candidate in the Lok Sabha election in 1991. Shri Bisen became MLA for the third time in 1993. He became a member of Public Undertakings Committee of Vidhan Sabha. Later, he was elected to 12th Lok Sabha.

During the period, he was a member of Defence Committee of Parliament and Railway Advisory Committee. He was also President of State BJP Kisan Morcha during 2001-04. Shri Bisen was again elected for 14th Lok Sabha from Balaghat in 2004. During the period, he became member of Energy Committee. State BJP’s Vice-President in year 2005 and member of advisory committees of Union Ministry for Food and Civil Supplies.

Shri Gaurishankar Bisen was elected as member of Vidhan Sabha in 2008. He was inducted into Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Council of Ministers on December 20, 2008.

Shri Bisen was elected to 14th Vidhan Sabha in December 2013. He took oath as Cabinet Minister on December 21, 2013.